If use Obsidian, then no need for Drafts?

I am slowly working to transition to Obsidian. I enrolled in Justin’s course. I have a “daily note” set up in Obsidian. Question? Why would I need to keep using Drafts if I have a 'daily note" set up for each day? please let me know

It totally depends on your use case. Drafts is good for noting stuff down then shooting it off somewhere else. If the only place stuff is going is in Obsidian, then I’d say use that because the mobile client is so good.

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So use Obsidian mobile app? Please confirm?

I’m saying that everything will go to Obsidian, so then use the iOS Obsidian app or are you saying use Drafts?

Yeah just use the Obsidian mobile app! :smiley:

It’s really quite good.

Thanks, Justin! Greatly appreciate all that you do! :smiley:

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Hopefully, the last question, know you are busy. I am in the section, New Sync Obisidan Plan (1.6). You did not Customize the end-to-end encryption password. DO you suggest the same for me?

I didn’t as it made things easier for me and the data I have is not strictly confidential. If you need the extra layer of security, customize it. Otherwise, it’s fine.

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Thanks again for getting back to me Justin. Thoughts? I was beginning to go through “Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink” by Kourosh Dini. To me it seemed more of a process, than using Obsidian. eg. I have Daily Note set up for each day. I think Curtis McHale said, DEVONthink is for storing other people’s thoughts, whereas Obsidian is for storing, “Your Thoughts”. eg. a good reason to use Obsidian sync. Your Thoughts???

I definitely agree with Curtis on that. Plus, if you need your notes in DEVONthink, you can index your Obsidian vault. That’s the beauty of it really just being an interface for plain-text notes.

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