I have an Apple Watch 2, stainless steel black

Is there any value in upgrading to a 4? I love the stainless watch, the weight and feel of it, much more and the aluminum. So is it worth it to pay the premium for a stainless watch 4?

Pastor Michael

I have the stainless Series 3 watch and think the extra cost was worth it for the sapphire front, color option, and weight. The stainless model is cellular only but it doesn’t need to be activated.

I stopped at an Apple Store to check out the Series 4 and am considering an upgrade. If I do, it will be another stainless model.

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My Apple Watch 0 was stainless steel and ever watch since then has been black stainless steel. The Apple Watch 4 is my favourite so far, and I have no regrets giving up Watch 3. I can’t say the same for the transition from 2 to 3 as I think that the software upgrade made more of a difference than the hardware upgrade.