I downloaded OmniFocus 3 for iOS... 😬

I downloaded OmniFocus 3 for iOS... :grimacing:

I have all kinds of reasons for this and I’ll try to detail what I’m doing differently in the future. But for now I just need to say this:


I wish we could go back to Contexts and limit it to one. I think this was a bad move for a GTDer. It makes sense for the broader market but if you follow GTD, it’s unnecessary.

The problem is simple. When you select a project, it chooses it and returns to the previous page of editing the task. But when you choose a tag, it stays there waiting for you to select more. It used to return to the editing page just like the project selection. And I really don’t like it.

Ok. I’m done venting. Thanks for reading.


Hater :wink:

The flow of the software in v3 has taken me a while to get used to. There are a few extra taps here and there, but I’ve overall gotten used to it.

To be honest, I feel like I haven’t even fully explored using tags because I’m still using OF2 on the desktop and I don’t want to have two separate workflows right now.

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It takes time. The tag user interface could definitely use some work though.

I wouldn’t use multiple tags unless needed. Most of my tasks have a single tag/context. It’s very rare I’ve found a need for multiple tags/contexts.

Generally, I think getting used to the touch interface is a barrier and can take a while to get used to. Especially when we are keyboard commandos and can do things more quickly on a computer.

I’m still struggling with using Pages and Numbers on the iPad. I can fly with these apps on the Mac.

Using OmniFocus 3 on the iPhone is a bit more challenging. I tend to stick with the iPad if I’m doing OmniFocus work. Using OF3 on the iPhone is do-able but device size really makes it more of a capture device, checking off tasks, and reviewing. Major project creation on the iPhone can get tiring (especially with an on-screen keyboard).


I suppose that this could be resolved with a setting somehow. “Exit tag selection when one tag is selected” or something.

I’m using GTD and I really like the concept of having tags since that provides more flexibility. I have been using multiple tags in Things for years and I never saw it as a problem. Most of the time, I’m fine with one tag but it is nice that there is an option to use multiple tags if need be.


I get that. I wish they had kept contexts and added tags—and allowed more than one context.

A suggestion: You can use “@“ in tags. Start contexts with that and it sort of mirrors the old comtexts’ symbol. That’s what I’m thinking of doing anyway. And it kinda works visually with OF2 as well.

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The trouble I have with it isn’t styling but functionality. To implement multiple tags, you have to make an assumption. An assumption that users will use multiple tags. And once you make that assumption, it dictates all the little aspects of how the application works. It’s the minutiae that bothers me.

At this point, I’d love to see a setting for “Restrict tasks to one tag” that switches the details from one mindset to another. But I doubt there are enough people interested in this to warrant the change.

I’ve broken my tasks down further. I generally use the one tag only rule. I use the most appropriate tag/context and put that as the only tag.

Task: Make online reservations for 2018 Summer vacation( Tag: @Wife)

@Wife is the main tag because that’s the main context to be in when doing this task.

If I go crazy with multiple tags, I get:

Task: Make online reservations for 2018 Summer vacation ( Tag: @Wife, @Online)

As a general rule, I’ve not needed multiple tags yet. If I do see something that requires multiple tags, it probably means that I’m trying to combine two tasks into one.

But I broke the task down into an action group, i can create two tasks with a single context for each task:

Task: Print 3 travel itineraries for wife to choose from (Tag: @Online)
Task: Discuss: 3 travel itineraries and pick one (Tag: @Wife)

I think multiple tags is a shortcut. It might be convenient in some cases and it might be more confusing in other cases. I’m indifferent about multiple tags. I retain discipline by sticking with the one tag/context rule for now.

I can always try out multiple tags later if I wanted to. I’m not forced into the multiple tag scenario. I’m sure there will be plenty of users who love and will use the multiple tags. For now, I’m a happy camper in the single tag camp.

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If I was in an all Apple ecosystem day in day out I’d use this app no problem. It’s nicely laid out and a very well thought out application with lots of depth.

Sadly I use windows at home and work as far as pc use goes.

Yeah that used to be my case (Windows at work). Todoist was the best option I found at the time. What are you using these days?

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Hey! Using Todoist at the moment. I still tweak and try to find different ways to do things but it’s pretty solid for me at the moment. Works for me and not as stale as I thought 3 months ago.

If I were in your situation, Todoist is the software I’d be working with for sure! It’s the most robust task manager I have come across for people using Windows.

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I use the first tag as a place context (@church) and the second is the tool or the item (@iMac) the tool or item can also be a person. A third tag can be a modifier (@time) or (@meeting)

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