Hybrid Productivity System with Notion

Originally published at: https://effectiveremotework.com/2020/08/hybrid-productivity-system-with-notion/

Notion is the perfect tool to complement any Bullet Journal in building a productivity system. In this video, Justin gives a tour of his Notion setup and how he uses the tool alongside the Bullet Journal for an effective analog/digital hybrid productivity system.

That’s a cool way of creating your own task management system! Oftentimes, we have to follow what the app developers think of how project/task management systems should be done.

Notion is flexible enough to let us come up with our own project/task management. Thanks for showing a template of how you set it up in Notion.

I will admit - Notion is intimidating. I wasn’t sure how Notion would fit into y life. But this is a great launching point!

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This was pretty fun to build, too. And I love how flexible it is. I can make it just how I want, without much effort to be honest.

There’s something about notion that is just superb. The apps on mobile can be clunky but the Web apps are nice. You cam lay things out exactly as you like and there’s so much flexibility.

The community is pretty awesome too. The best bit is that no-one has the exact same setup.

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