How to turn off 'suggested next steps'

How to turn off 'suggested next steps'

Here is my question for removing the next steps suggestion. This is a really annoying feature and the reason I have not continued with my pro subscription since the changeover. No one should be required to do something like this in a community about productivity.

However, even this step did not work, as it is still there.

I found that a bit frustrating, too. (That I did the last step and it didn’t go away.)

I’ve since disabled it through an extension I use for other sites called “Stylus.” I don’t think the solution is to req the user to do such a thing, but I wanted to share in case you wanted more agency in removing it.

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@ebrett, @10ch – thanks for your feedback on this. It’s a feature we’re trying out to see if it helps new folks find their way into more discussions around here.

I am actively evaluating if it should exist on the Guild at all, but I’d like to hear if there are any ways you think we can improve it. I’m all ears for healthy feedback and discussion :blush:

My personal opinion is that it’s potentially helpful as a way to facilitate inclusion for new users (and I used it productively that way myself). I didn’t dislike it until I realized that it doesn’t go away until you become pro.

I wonder if this guide to new user UI patterns might be inspiring?

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This is 100% a fair point. I’m planning to change this. There are some other changes I want to make as well.


Whatever you end up doing, I know it’ll be well intentioned, @justindirose.

Thanks @justindirose - it’s not the first time I’ve mentioned it, so I assumed it was here to stay. Engagement isn’t something you can induce with gimmicks and annoyances - best to let it happen naturally. I think Discourse itself solves the problem by surfacing interesting topics and offering gentle reminders - you really don’t need more than that. Blanket banners only create confusion.

I am going to turn it off until I have a good sense of where to take it next (if it makes sense to keep it). I know it’s been helpful for some and not for others. Ultimately my goal is to encourage authentic community interaction here!