How to set up actions only to show during weekends or evenings in OmniFocus?


A question for OmniFocus users please. I am fiddling with the idea of setting some actions in Omnifocus to be displayed only on weekends or in the evenings (so the kind of action I only want to be reminded of if I’m in leisure time so to speak).

Mind you I’m not talking about recurring actions so no repeat is required, and if simply I defer them to a say Saturday the 11th unless they get completed I still have them in sight on Monday when I’m back to my routine.

I hope my question makes sense, many thanks in advance for your time and help!

All the best

I do a few things like this. I have some tasks that I know I want to do today, tomorrow, and this weekend, but they’re personal items so I’m not going to do them during my normal workday.

In my case, I create the task and simply set the Defer Date to 4 pm (when I get off work) on the day I choose to do the task. That’s it.

Now the only reason I keep it that simple is that I have routines at the beginning and end of my day that has me reviewing my action list for today. It’s during those times that I would see this still there if I haven’t done the task. And if I need to move it, I just change the Defer Date again.

In your example, if a task is deferred to Saturday morning and I don’t get to it, I would still see it on Monday morning. That’s true. But on Monday morning when I’m planning my day, I would see the task and decide when the next chance is that I can do the task and set the Defer Date again.

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Thanks so much Joe.

In summary then I think it’s what I had tried so far. The thing is that I was trying to divide my mindset between work and non-work tasks a bit more strictly and having to defer them if they don’t get done when initially scheduled misses the original purpose.

I’ll keep on thinking how to edit them so they become unobtrusive in work days while easy to reschedule in case.

Many thanks again,


Another way to do it that I’m slowly adopting is with Contexts. I have Before Hours, Hours, and After Hours right now. It’s just what it sounds like. And those can function as a way to filter the list of available actions at any time.

With this, you could simply look at a different list.

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Thanks Joe.

That could be a way too, I would have to tweak a bit my perspectives see if I can find a way of excluding a specific context and also try and train my brain to have that new context in mind when creating my tasks.

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Hey @joebuhlig,

I really like the idea of using an After Hours context for stuff to do in our personal time. I’ll experiment with it. I accomplish something similar with a “Might” context.

These are not actions set in stone by any means, but things like: “Watch Movie X”, “Call Robert to catch up”, “Look into going to Thursday meetup” (due Thursday @4pm), etc. I might do them or not, no big deal if I don’t, but I still want to be reminded of them and not keep them in my head.

This accomplishes 2 things: I see them during my nightly review and when I focus on a project (love the focus feature of OF) I get to see them and decide if they are still relevant or not.

In the other end of the spectrum I have a “Will Do” context where I keep all the things that I am committed to getting done. Tasks in here take priority over all other contexts.


If you have the Pro edition of OmniFocus, set up a custom perspective that focuses on one of these tags. I can have a “Before Hours” custom perspective that shows all tasks with just this tag. The same with the “Hours” and “After Hours” tag. Visit the appropriate tag. If I’m in the “Hours” perspective, I might want to look ahead into tonight and just peek into “After Hours” to see what’s in store for me tonight.

That sounds interesting, thanks Wilson

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you’re welcome. Once we get the hang of tags, it makes the usefulness of custom perspectives much more appealing. I like having the custom perspectives on my OmniFocus Home Screen or in my sidebar/toolbar for quick and easy access to the tags. Sometimes I don’t feel like going to tags and then selecting the Hours tags I want. It’s nice to be able to just click or hit the hotkey shortcut for the perspective.

I agree, it feels much smoother and closer to the real sensation of wearing different hats for different aspects of one´s endeavours. Many thanks Wilson