How to remove "Suggested Next Steps"?

As illustrated above, the “Suggested Next Steps” are taking up approximately half of my iPhone screen, and as a not new user I know my way around the forums. Is there a way to hide this?

As a note: once I have posted this the banner will disappear so there’s a bug in calculating how finished it is @justindirose :slight_smile:

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All you’ll need to do is “ask a question” in the #ask-for-help category.

It’s part of the Discourse tutorial.

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Why is the math off? 2 of 3 tasks would be 66%. Also, I have asked for help before (I guess just not in the right category?)

We’ll have to ask Justin.

There was a transition of the Guild to new servers very recently.

There are three stages to the next steps so it shows the percentage based upon stage completion vs. actual boxes checked on the stage.

I’ll do a write up on this later today explaining it all :slight_smile:

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My suggestion for the future would be to wait until you have the explanation before turning it on.

I think then it should say 33.3% to completion? :wink:

I think what he means (and feel free to correct) is that the 33.3% is for the stages. The tasks listed to the right are not the stages, but individual tasks in the current stage. Once you complete the 3rd task in that stage, you’ll be at 66%.