How I Write Permanent Notes in Obsidian

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Note-taking methodologies like Zettelkasten and Evergreen Notes focus on writing permanent notes from other kinds of notes. The question for you might be: how do I write a permanent note? This week, Justin reveals his simple process for doing so.

These videos have been great.

3 questions:

  1. Are you writing in another app when you do writing, or is everything happening in Obsidian/1Writer now?

  2. The numbers on your index:
    00 - Category
    20- Other category
    30 - Even more category

What are those? I saw them on the obsidian community as well, and couldn’t figure out if it was just a style thing or if there is more of a significance…

  1. Where do you stand on numerical UIDs?
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Mostly in Obsidian, sometimes in Drafts. I’ll move to 1Writer or something like FSNotes once I move over to Dropbox. Just haven’t pulled the trigger there yet :stuck_out_tongue:

They come from Nick Milo’s IMF system – they’re basically arbitrary - a quick reference like the Dewey decimal system in libraries. I like the idea so I’m experimenting with it.

I’ve waffled on them, but for now I’m taking Andy Matuschak’s approach of titling notes with an explicit sentence title.

Why are you moving to dropbox? I just moved everything to iCloud last month. And now I’m wondering if my vault should be in Dropbox for less restrictive iOS automation.

Also still unsure if Roam might be a better choice before the obsidian mobile apps are released.

I might feel differently if I can get a system set up that is easy to use … might also need to get good at 1Writer to really make it work and not feel sad when I’m not on my mac.

I’m using Synology Drive and that doesn’t work well with 1Writer. iCloud has proven way too… unreliable for me. I’ve lost data because there’s no versioning system, and sync has just broken on a handful of occasions with no warning or alert.

Using Drafts then adding to the system that way has worked for me thus far but it’s definitely not the same as navigating the notes themselves.