How do you track time?

Another what do you use question. Logging time is something I have struggled to do even when I am trying to see if my pricing estimate matched the time spent

Currently trying “doing” from Brett Terpstra a command line tool to record time spent. This may stick, mainly as modern code editors tend to have terminals built in and often open, and I spend a lot of time in code editors.

Other times having a small terminal window open is quite easy and useful for other things as well.

We will see. Others thoughts?

Me too. In my old corporate job, we logged time pretty much for everything (gotta track that profitability!), so I got used to it. But out of being in that environment, I’ve heavily struggled with the concept.

Using a service like Toggl has worked nicely from time to time. It has a great API and integrates with a variety of services. Timery on iOS is by far the best way to interact with it. You can create Shortcuts to start specific timers and more. Alfred also has a Toggl plugin that works nicely if you need something on the Mac.

The biggest struggle I have is the same one I have with timeblocking – keeping that close of an eye on the clock causes me a great deal of stress and anxiety. I very regularly see the value in tracking time, but executing is another deal :sweat_smile:

BTW I edited the title of your post so it helps people find it :slight_smile: