How do you take notes?

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been on quite a journey with note-taking apps over the years.

The first that really drew me in was Evernote. The idea of being able to dump everything in there and find it in the future was something of interest to me. I could capture web pages, PDFs, images, thoughts, and be able to search them all!

In practice, Evernote was cludgy. It became my computer’s junk drawer. And with the weird decisions the company was making for years, I became disenchanted and jumped ship.

I roamed around for a few years and finally landed on Bear. If you’ve never used Bear, it’s a well-designed, Markdown-centric notes app for macOS and iOS. I loved using it, but as I stuffed more and more notes into it, the organize-only-by-tag approach fell apart for me.

The core of my issues with note-taking center on organization. Where do I put this thing that I feel belongs in more than one place? Where do I keep something in visual context so I can find it later without searching?

Then Obsidian came on the scene, and I fell in love with it. The way Obsidian handles linking and tagging gives me the flexibility to organize my notes the way I see fit, versus how the notes app says I should. Plus wikilinking and backlinks allow me to see all of my notes in context.

I’m not sure if you’ve struggled with finding a great notes app like I have, but if you have, I think Obsidian might be worth checking out.

It can be somewhat intimidating at first to get started, but we’re launching something next week on Monday to help get you going. Stay tuned.


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