How do you prioritize your work?

How do you prioritize your work?

I’ve come to the stark realization recently that I do a terrible job working from my priorities, and instead have wholeheartedly embraced the emergency scan modality to get my work done. :grimacing:

I’m learning I need to slow down and think about my priorities for the day and week instead of trying to get as much in my task manager done as I can.

Three weights I’m considering for choosing what to focus on:

  1. Where the item sits in my priority list? – I have a list of areas that I’ve ranked in order of priority. If there’s anything outstanding in those, it goes on the list for that week.
  2. How much value will this generate? – If a task or project is really high value, I need to make time to make progress on it.
  3. Does the task align with my goals and directions? – Fairly self explanatory here.

I’m still experimenting with this concept, and definitely do not have it nailed down yet. I’d love to hear your input on what has worked for you to help prioritize. @joshsullivan, @Martindbarker1, have you found anything that has worked for you?


I’m struggling with this myself. I’m always stuck in putting out the latest fire of the day. The day’s business with customers streaming in and out presents its own challenges and takes a lot of my time which leaves me with very small pockets of time where I can work on my business.

I do put almost all of my projects on hold (Someday) and then turn on one to two projects that become my Big Rocks of the week. Prioritizing means I need to schedule time throughout the day to work on making progress towards a goal.

I do have my minimum daily tasks to work on which typically shows up in my Due Soon list. Anything that will be due within the next 7 days will automatically become a part of my priority work. I try to work on many due tasks way ahead of time so that I don’t go into fire mode and scramble to work on something that was due yesterday.

I do a monthly review to check on my Big Rocks. Sometimes life changes and goals change with it. Putting something away or deleting it has been challenge that I’m coming to terms with. Many pet projects lose their value after a lot of time and effort was put into it. It’s hard to let go but I’m learning.

The monthly review is essential in recalibrating and re-orienting my direction.

But as always, this is still my own personal experiment to work on as well…

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