How do you envision tomorrow remote setups?

This is kind of a niche question but I’m currently revisiting my office that needs a refresh.
I’m trying to anticipate what could be the next breakthrough in the remote work situation.

I have just been offered a big red gym ball to use as a seat and I’m rocking it for the next 15 minutes and it seems to be something I could use once a day for a while. From a few read, I gathered it seems to do a solid for your back. I wouldn’t use it for all day long but every now and then seems good.

I was wondering whether there was some kind of passive exercise machine for us. I’m toying with the idea of a sort of treadmill under the desk as Clearly working from home involves far less walk than any other human being and in spite of exercising daily. I feel like there could be an addition in the office about that. If you know such things, let me know.

Otherwise, what do you have / do / consider to do for your remote working set up that you think address an issue we all have ?

Variety is quickly becoming my priority for a remote work setup. Working in front of a computer 100% of the time requires it to be ergonomic, and part of ergonomics is introducing variety.

As far as an office setup goes, essentials for me include:

  • An ergonomic mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Reds (lightweight actuation force)
  • Multiple different pointing devices (a few mice, and for sure a trackball)
  • A sit/stand desk
  • A quality office chair
  • A high resolution display
  • Noise cancelling headphones

Nice-to-have items include:

  • A balance board, similar to – these are nice because when using a standing desk they get you moving just enough to add variety but not enough to be distracting to getting work done.
  • A reliable, quality video setup – for me this includes a wired headset (because Bluetooth and Macs have not been reliable for me long term), a good camera, and some decent lighting

Regarding treadmill desks, your mileage may vary. Some folks love them, and others get motion sick using them. I personally find the balance board a great middle ground – some movement, but not a workout.

Something I haven’t spent a lot of time on is aesthetics. I’d like to invest more in making my home office a comfortable, personal, and fun place to be. That being said, I also need to work on spending less time in the office and more time outside or doing hobbies. That’s probably the most important problem to solve for folks who have worked remotely for a while in my mind!

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