Hope you're all safe out there

It’s been scary out there with COVID-19 flaring up everywhere. It’s finally hit my home island as my local governor declared the first 3 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 has appeared here. Eek. Hopefully, the antidote will be arriving soon enough and business will be taken care of.

Remote Work does offer some perks during these troublesome times. I’ve not had that luxury. I do some remote work as my side hustle but I do have a day job that does require human interaction. Sadly, I’ve seen some events cancelled including a high school reunion that was set to happen in a couple weeks.

It will be interesting to see a new dynamic. Our local school system are already in talks to figure out some kind of online interactive forum for our kids. There is a structure in place to help with the students’ weekly agenda but nothing yet that includes some kind of Zoom setup. I guess I am seeing some Quizlet interaction as well as some interactive educational games for math and reading. This will be an interesting way to let our younger kids slowly take on the idea of remote working now.

My GTD system has been slowly evolving as I take on new challenges in Life. There are always experiments to try one at a time. I’ve tried and abandoned time blocking for the meantime but I am interested in time tracking. I saw some apps like Billing or Toggl that would fit the bill. Heck, even a pomodor might be interesting.

I started reading about something called Velocity which is used in Agile. I’m just starting to get my head wrapped around it and trying to figure out if this will help me with my own projects. Anybody have any clue what this is all about? I’ve read a few blog posts about it but still unsure where it fits in my life.

Another aspect that I’m curious about is “stories.” Oh well, I’ll get around to it after I check out this velocity thingy.

Best of luck to all of you in the affected cities. We’ll pull through in the end… :pray: