Honest Question, what notes do people actually take?

Not trying to troll I genuinely do not understand the whole PKB thing… I have been using a Mac for over 20 years and a Windows PC before that, as of now I have maybe 50 notes in DevonThink most of which are the result of trying to get on board with wiki linking and can probably nearly all be deleted.

I have tried

  1. Omni Outliner could not find any real use case for this.
  2. Drafts app, love it because most things I create in there are temporary then disappear
  3. Notion, a new addition, databases are really useful and have taken a few spreadsheet needs away most other things not.
  4. DevonThink, now really only used for invoice storage, a few PDF’s and bookmarking.

Others which did not make the grade, Evernote, Bear, etc etc etc…

My only real usage case is for code snippets which at the moment are in DT but should probably exist in VS code, even most of these are transitory in that code practices change or are unlikely to be used again

I am honestly intrigued, I feel I am missing out on the whole notes revolution but am I really? When I have tried to store notes most just sat in (then) Evernote and never really got referenced, and when I ditched EN most went the same way as EN…

So what am I missing?

I personally wouldn’t worry about it. I wouldn’t waste time trying to find out how it fits. I usually let my intution/gut instincts/Spidey Sense to tell me. This might be a case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I have friends that were on that Pokemon Go craze a few years ago. I hung out with a friend that travelled around the city for a bit hunting for these Pokemon. I realized “nope, not for me…” I think my current feelings about PKM are along the same vein.

Apps come and go in our lives. At one time, you were an OF3 user and now you’re a Things user. When you feel friction in a particular area then search for the tools. You don’t feel the tractor beam that PKM has on some people, I might not have a place for it in my life right now. It’s something to consider in the future.

You probably don’t need PKM. When your personal productivity profile changes and you need to link different notes, then you might consider trying PKM. For now, rest easy…

One occupation that would need PKM are writers. They collect from different studies, different disciplines, or different interviews. They’re trying to link the dots between disparate items together. I’d imagine that PKM would be essential for them.

At 50 notes, you’re good with what you have right now.


Not really worried just more curious I guess :grinning:

I appreciate perhaps writers may need notes but I still wonder if they need them indefinitely? For me little survives a project once completed, I have the site files (obviously) but now there are fewer and fewer assets used during creation, there used to be a lot of photoshop files for page layouts etc, these in the age of responsive design are all gone, and when I look I can put my whole business on a 10GB flash drive…

I just wonder if people collect stuff for no real reason now, digital space is virtually free, cameras are in our pockets at all times etc etc.

I guess one question is, is all this saved stuff of any real use? Possessions tie you down, and most you can do without. Something I have learned over the years. I wonder if the same thing applies to digital possessions?

Weekends task, clear clutter and report back!! :smiley:


I primarily take notes around topics I’m interested in. Productivity, remote work, leadership, etc. I’m always connecting ideas together in my head; using a PKM tool like Obsidian gives me an external workspace to engage with those thoughts later on.

For example, I have course notes from a marketing course I took recently. I took them all in Obsidian. I’m revisiting them frequently right now, but I’m also tying concepts in other areas of my notes to these course notes.

At the core, it helps me make connections between concepts I wouldn’t otherwise have easily connected.

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For me, it’s book notes, quotes, course notes, and client project notes. I also keep a “Daybook” where I store notes throughout the day such as code snippets and how I solved interesting problems - a programmers journal.

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Ok reporting back

I am not sure that code snippets count as notes, if they do I miscalculated and have about 60. If not I have about 10 :+1:

I have culled all my bookmarks out of DEVONthink as most referenced articles from just a few sites, instead I have just added the site to my browser bookmarks and subscribed to the RSS feed where possible.

I’m beginning to hanker after early access to NVultra which I think may be the ideal local code repo at least for me. If it ever launches

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Would be nice :sweat_smile: I fear they’ve missed the boat with how the note space has shaped up in the last two years.