Hi I'm David

I’m David Reid. I retired from pastoring after 30 years and am now working in web design helping churches and ministries with their websites.

I like this type of remote work since I wasn’t ready to retire completely. It gives me a reason for being here and makes me feel useful.

I found a link to Effective Remote Work from an ‘inside omnifocus’ post.

One thing I’ve learned is to never undersell yourself (that does not mean not helping someone out). But ‘free’ ‘give away’ things are not appreciated and often never used.


Welcome @DrDavid! Sounds like you’ve had a wide and varied career – helping churches and ministries with their tech is a big deal, so kudos on that!

I’m glad you found us!

:+1: I struggled with that for a long time (and still do occasionally) because of impostor syndrome. But ultimately, I got through it and realized what I do has value, as does what everyone else does too. That’s really helped me.

Please feel free to send any questions you have and check out the podcast!

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Welcome, David!

It’s interesting how we can end one chapter of our lives and it opens the door to another beginning. If you have any of your remote work ideas, please share! I’m still struggling with remote working myself.

So you’re an OmniFocus user! If you’d care to share some of your workflows or ideas that you’ve been tinkering with, we’d love to hear from you. Sometimes it’s the small tweaks that makes a world of difference in a person’s workflow!

Sigh, it is hard when we give something but the recipient isn’t ready for it yet or does not see the value until much later in life. Perhaps they’ll come around and remember about that small thing you offered a long time ago? When they’re ready for it, they’ll ask for it.

Hope to hear more from you as well as the other team members here in the ERW community!

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