Hi from Murrieta, CA

Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m David. I manage several training teams and an operations team for a mortgage and real estate company.

How did you first get into the productivity world?

It was 2001/2002 when I got put on a largish HRIS implementation project as a change management analyst. I bought a Palm IIIc to sync up with calendars and to-do lists and ditched my day planner. Today, I use a Rhodia notebook to take notes, Things 3 to manage my personal to-do’s, and Smartsheet to track my teams projects at work.

How did you find the Guild?

Mac Power Users podcast.

What’s one thing you’ve learned that has impacted you most?

Little’s Law - The more things you have going on at the same time, the slower things will get done (my interpretation).

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Welcome @davidcmorris!

How is using paper for taking notes working for you? Seems like you have a lot going on that you may need to document. Are you using any kind of a system to manage all that info on paper?

I like this. Very true!

Re: Notebook - I keep a very simple notebook. I use the first couple of pages to write-in yearly calendars by month. I color in holidays and vacation days. Helpful for quick reference during meetings for planning and availability. I take very sparse notes, mostly action items and important dates. I number my pages and start an index on the last page of the journal and work backwards. I find this helpful. Although I don’t write much, I do list out agenda items. The index helps me quickly find the last time I met with someone to review and follow-up on stuff if needed. Any action items that I take, I transfer them to Things (mostly tasks) or Smartsheet (mostly team projects). Lastly, I print out my Skype and Zoom meeting credentials on labels and attach them on the back inside cover. I find that very handy as I typically don’t take my phone or laptop with me to meetings (unless I’m presenting).

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I’m a big fan of using different tools at the appropriate time. I tried the one app to rule them all approach for a while. I was trying to force my task manager to be something it’s not. I love using my notebooks for daily interaction, my task manager as the bucket list to help me track my personal projects and tasks, and Asana for team projects. Each tool has its unique strengths and I am able to switch between the different systems.