Hi everyone, John from the UK here!

Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is John and I’m a project director for the UK Civil Service.

I work to prioritise capital funding in new and refurbishes schools in England. I specialise in the more complex and unique projects that we are faced with

How did you first get into the productivity world?

I first read about GTD over at www.43folders.com and then first read the book back in the very early 2000’s

I use www.todoist.com currently but I’m increasingly using www.workflowy.com for project planning and paper as my main productivity tool. Todoist is more for time critical reminders around non-work tasks.

How did you find the Guild?

I listened to Joe on a podcast (forget which one now) and he spoke about the guild there

What’s one thing you’ve learned that has impacted you most?

The weekly review

Welcome John!

I’m interested – how are you using Workflowy? Has the developer been actively developing it? I tried it a few years ago and it was pretty stale back then.

Amen to that. :smiley:

Chiming in here as a longtime Workflowy user, yes, they’ve recently (last year maybe?) been actively developing it. And just this summer, they hired a new frontend developer and designer and have been making some improvements/changes to the UI as well.

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I may have to look at this tool again. I liked the idea of it before, and this is great news to hear.

Me too! I want to hear about your Workflowy workflow! I didn’t know about this app but I like the idea of zooming in on just the project that has your attention. I guess that’s what I’m seeing with task managers. Don’t just display a list of everything. Just display the little slice of my projects and tasks list and focus on that part only.

That’s great to hear that there will be UI changes and other features coming!

A quick search of my email shows I’ve been using Workflowy since March of 2012. I have had many organizational systems in that time. I use it less these days (my bullet journal is likely to blame), but I have really used it well at times.

For example, freewriting non-linearly and using tags for things I want to #remember so that I can easily find them again.

To be honest, the way it serves me most these days is as this evergreen reference place for my most important lists: an address book I reference a surprising amount, a list of every address I’ve ever lived so I don’t forget, my CV, important birthdays, all my belongings and the ones I’ve #loaned out, everywhere I’ve ever traveled, who I want notified of my death and how I want my memorial service to be, the pesky routing number to my checking account, etc. These things could live anywhere, for me they live in Workflowy.

But, I’ve also got all sorts of project management, ideation, documentation, and accounting wrapped up in it from when I was a freelancer. And an arsenal of shared lists that are probably still referenced sometime by someone.

I’ve really been wrestling with the ways technology can support my note taking as it’s more and more important to me. I feel like I’ve tried just about everything from the early days of Notational Velocity and its nvAlt and The Archive manifestations, to Ulysses/Bear/Evernote/Notes to Notion to Workflowy to Agenda to all the mindmapping tools (CMap, VUE, iThoughts and the gang of apps that are just like it, Scapple) to analog (and probably others that aren’t coming directly to mind). Right now I’m even reentering the forbidden forest of Tinderbox and trying to figure it the hell out. I know that I need something visual, something textual, something non-linear, and something searchable, extensible, and that can receive and link between all types of thought. Is that asking too much? :smiley:

Anyway, here’s a screen grab of my home-level Workflowy workflow. I didn’t doctor it up for screen grabbing, it normally has those captions so I don’t forget myself. I really recommend the global-tag index (and keeping it maintained regularly by deleting things that are no longer relevant). Very nice way to navigate your notes.