Help with Siri and Omnifocus

Help with Siri and Omnifocus

Hi, just a short note here.
I was very excited when Omnifocus supported Siri.
Then… well, to me the problem is Siri. I don’t know if it is me only, but I just can’t make Siri work with Omnifocus in a stable way.
The same syntax, the same phrase at different times to instruct Siri to open a task in Omnifocus gets me invalid responses most times: Either it looks in apple music, or in internet, or tells me it cannot do that…or goes to the phone contacts… only once in 5 times it actually opens omnifocus and enters a task in the Inbox, let alone more complex instructions.

¿Any better experience around? ¿Do you rely in Siri to voice tasks in Omnifocus while commuting from work? ¿Maybe Siri shortcuts you use to make it a bit better?

thank you

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Hey @jmpval! I’ve run into the exact same issues to be honest. Sometimes Siri would catch I’m trying to get to OmniFocus, sometimes it wouldn’t.

Maybe @timstringer or @rosemary have some ideas?

I don’t typically use Siri to capture directly into OmniFocus as I found it was a little hit and miss. I think it’s more a shortcoming of Siri than of OmniFocus.

Instead, I’ll tend to dictate into Drafts and use an action to add things to the OmniFocus inbox for further processing. You could also have Drafts actions to add to specific projects, include tags, etc.

A specific list in Reminders (e.g. one called OmniFocus or Inbox) can also be a better option. You can configure OmniFocus to automatically pull from this list. It’s the old way of linking Siri to OmniFocus…but does the job reliably.


I have an OmniFocus list in Apple Reminders and voice capture to that list which automatically forwards it to OF.

Siri has gotten better but sometimes it gets wonky especially in noisy situations.

I also like to bulk capture ideas into Drafts and then deal with it later when I am alone and can process drafts sheets.


Thanks a lot Justin!

Case closed then.

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Thank you Tim

I’ll leave Siri to improve a while more. I am not familiar with Drafts, but I did use the Reminders inbox before.


Thanks for your help Wilson. I will give it a try with voice Reminders. I never tried that.

I guess I may also ask for a feature in Omnifocus which would make it one click to add a voice note to the inbox, as a proxy to a voice command that I could use without getting the eyes off the road. Since Omnifocus has already the ability to take voice notes, plus the Inbox feature, maybe it is not that hard to enable such a thing and make it one touch.

As I told Tim, I do not have drafts for now, maybe I’ll give it a try but would rather not add an app justo for this function.

Thanks again

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Drafts is a free app with subscription for a few more advanced features. I have a Siri shortcut on my iPhone. I say “voice draft” and my iPhone goes straight to the drafts app and goes into voice dictation mode. I can start speaking my thoughts and it dictates very quickly.

I have the Drafts complication on my Apple
Watch. I tap the Drafts icon and then tap on the microphone icon. I speak into my Apple Watch until I’m done.

On my iPhone, I send the draft dictated sheet to OmniFocus for further processing such as assigning dates, tags, and projects.

Draft’s purpose is just for capturing thoughts. The free version does that well. Later, you can get into more exotic feature sets such as project template creation when you get a subscription.


Thanks a lot wilson I just checked drafts and looks real nice, though I couldn’t find an entirely Hands-Free way of dictating and transferring to Omnifocus. ¿Are any of the alternatives you mention above completely hands free?

If you use the Reminders integration, that’s 100% hands free with Siri.