Hello to everyone!

Hello to everyone!

Hi All! I don’t remember if I Said “hi” when I joined to the community but as I haven’t a lot of time to back I will do now.

My name is Emilio and I am a total procrastinator and messy guy trying to be more productive and organised.
I was flirting long time with the productivity word, playing with a lot of tool (Too much) and learning a little bit. This year I will be even more busy so I decided be ready to have a nice workflow to keep the things done.

I am photographer in Hong Kong but I am Spanish teacher too. With the time I got more photography job but a Spanish teacher classes too. Next year I will be professor in a couple of universities and I will try to keep some job of photography because is my real passion and funnier to me than give classes.

So I have a big challenge to have time to do all, keep in order and don’t be crazy!

I am using Devonthink to keep my documents centralised. I use more or less Toggl to track the time, Agenda to take notes of the classes (Like keep a journal about what I did on each class) and I have licences of Omnifocus, Things 3 and recently Todoist (This last still in the 1 month trial) I tried with all of this apps during last 3 years but looks I can’t stick to one. I think my problem is not about the app but about have a workflow that works for me.

I know this is just a introduction post but as I talk a little bit about my background and situation here I want to ask to all what apps and workflow is the one you think could be better.

Thanks in advance and I hope to talk with all of you about productivity here!


Hey welcome @emilio_n!

Productivity is tough, but there are modes that work for you out there! You don’t have to be the “neat and tidy” person to be productive and organized.

I’d agree with your statement – when I haven’t stuck with a tool, it’s been a workflow problem. You know what’s helped with that? Going paper-only for a season. I’m in my third month of primarily using the Bullet Journal as my task management solution. It’s taught me a lot of lessons on what I need (and don’t) from a tool. In fact, so much so, that I’m slowly moving my big projects back into OmniFocus to manage.

We’re really glad to have you here, and we’re happy to help with any questions you might have!

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Welcome to the community!

Sometimes the most organized person is actually the messiest person. The difference is they found tools and workflows that makes them look organized and actually get stuff done.

I hope you’ll share some of your struggles and interact with us to find engaging conversation and a workflow that will work for you and all of us!


Sure I will! I read your post about procrastination and I got a lot of ideas. Working at home is horrible to be on focus. I discovered that a way that works for me is start in the early morning using the Pomodoro. At least I can get done the most urgent tasks and fell quite better :wink:

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Thanks for your warm welcome!

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