Hello productivity people!

Hello productivity people!


Mainly use to do lists using Todoist. Always looking for others to use in case one day I find I no longer need to pay £30 per year for an app! I find my productivity goes stale and I get bored of todoist. I use it for personal lists now and occasional work use.

I hope to lurk around here more!

Welcome @Jr866gooner!

I hope you can find some of the ideas around here helpful!

I used to be in your boat and struggled to find uses for task managers and tools. I felt like I needed to use them to be effective. Long story short – it wasn’t true. But there was a breakpoint in my life where I did need some kind of real system to help me manage things.

Are there any areas you feel like you’re struggling with Todoist in particular?

Hey! Thanks!

Well mainly, and this may sound daft! I find it a particular struggle to layout my projects like how to break them out separately.

So I know I don’t simply want only work and personal as parent projects and then everything else todos. I think I really need to weed out my structure and perhaps lay it out better. Theres just something I dislike about how it looks right now. In some cases theres no consistency to my projects layouts. Re doing this might just spark some inspiration!

Being android means I cant use the app called things. This was a great app, simple but effective but could be made as deep as needed.

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