Hello, I'm Simon

Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’ve retired from work but not from life. I live in the UK. I have lots to do at the moment - getting married and finding a new home for myself and my fiancée being just two.

What do you love about remote work? Hate?

I don’t work as a career or in employment, so in a way all that I do is remote work. I am dealing with the challenge of spending a lot of time with my fiancée, who lives a 2 hour car drive away from my own place, and that means being away from my home office for long periods. I love being with her but hate not having my iMac, scanner, filing cabinet and other office stuff with me.

How did you find Effective Remote Work?

I joined the Productivity Guild before it became ERW.

What’s one thing you’ve learned that has impacted you most?

I came across GTD while I was still in employment and that changed my life. The one thing I’d say I’ve learned generally in life is - don’t put up with things that are shabby, broken and don’t inspire you, whether it’s clothes or a productivity app. Invest in things that look good and work really well - you will feel great and the ease of use will give you a real boost!

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Welcome back @mercmaj!

Congrats! That’s a lot going on :smiley: I just bought a new house, and it was a very busy experience. I can’t imagine what that would be like while trying to get married simultaneously.

Great advice! I heard Ramit Sethi talk about never buying an article of clothing unless it made you feel great years ago. I’ve stuck to it for the most part, and I feel a lot better about life :smiley:

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The beauty of retirement is that we can let go of our day jobs and now we have time to refocus our energy on endeavors we’ve been wanting to do for a long time now!

Yes, focus on what’s important to us now that retirement is here!

Hope to hear more of your new adventures here! Cheers!