Hello. I'm new here!

Hello. I'm new here!

Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m a Chicago-based personal productivity coach and technology consultant. I’ve been working with clients professionally for about a year and I’m working to expand my business over the next 3 years.

How did you first get into the productivity world?

I read GTD about 12 years ago and it brought me on a journey of research and study that brought me where I am today.

How did you find the Guild?

Through researching software, I stumbled here from Google.

What’s one thing you’ve learned that has impacted you most?

David Allen’s “mind like water” concept has always been a touchstone and an impact for me. The concept of moving items out of your brain is central to my approach.


Welcome @mmorowitz!

What have you specialized your consulting on?

How has this impacted you over the course of the 12 years you’ve been pursuing applying GTD?

Hi @justindirose
Thanks for your questions.

I’ve focused on personalized system and habit building. I am much more of a tactical/functional coach than a motivational or accountability-oriented coach. After many years of working directly with friends and family (just for the love of it), last year I finally decided to take the plunge and work professionally. My site is here., with some changes planned for “year 2” of my practice.

My clients, so far, have been busy, ambitious people at the early peak of their career who have not been able to make a system “stick” for them so far.

It has always remained a touchstone principle in any tactic or tool I employ. I look at it as a filter or a lens to evaluate a practice. “How does this help me clear my mind?” is a great question to ask. If it’s hard to answer, then you really tend to open up new questions about what you’re doing.

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Well congrats! Going out on your own like that is not a simple feat. Glad you’ve made it this far!

I really like this question. Keeps it very strategic and the purpose in mind. If it doesn’t help clear the mind, don’t do it :slight_smile:


@mmorowitz I too like the ‘does it clear the mind’ question, that is simply wonderful, thanks


I hope to hear more about your tactical/functional coaching ideas! But it does feel like you still have to be a motivational coach to get a client to stick with their custom-made program. It’s just so easy to fall off the bandwagon and just say “I just got lazy and didn’t feel like it.”


You’re absolutely right that motivation (and accountability) are components of success. There is certainly an element of both of these things that apply to my engagements, they’re just not my “specialty” (to call back to Justin’s question). While some coaches focus on self-actualiation and goals, my speciality is much more of a technician. I work with my clients to diagnose their challenges, identify soltuions, and put them in place.

I still do identify goals, outline accoutability strategies, and help with motivation (when needed), but my speciality is the systematic, tactical approach to daily productivity.