Hello 👋 I’m AJ

Tell us who you are and what you do.

Hi I’m AJ- I’m a construction health and safety guy. I run a small team looking after approx 30 sites at any one time building supermarkets, distribution centres and head office buildings.

What do you love about remote work? Hate?

I love the ability to create a plan, get into the zone and see things through. The remote bit sometimes allows this to all happen in wonderful distraction free isolation… but man are those days rare. So mainly I love the ability to use a set of workflows in multiple locations that allow me to absorb distractions and get straight back to the plan with a minimum of fuss.

The only downside of home working specifically is that a lack of proper face to face interactions throughout the day takes a toll on me I find very hard to explain when repeated and compounded over long periods of time. I have a young family so every evening is manic- but somehow the daytime isolation is detrimental and not undone by evening interactions. I changed my job when I figured out what was going on to solve this and now make a point of using home working as a tool rather than a way of life. All part of the balancing act I suppose.

How did you find Effective Remote Work?

I was a productivity guild forum member and was quite happy to be swept up in the refocus

What’s one thing you’ve learned that has impacted you most?

Common answer I guess- adopting a GTD approach to working. Specifically the earnt pleasure of fully understanding the scale of everything that needs to be done. Accepting the fact there is absolutely no way a day, week, month or year will get all of it done- so instead being happy with picking the top priorities and getting today’s stuff done.


Welcome @AJXN!

So true! I find I have to be extremely disciplined to avoid distraction. Having a dedicated office helps but there’s still Twitter, tinkering in my system, etc. that pull me away.

I can totally related here… I have two young ones and a third coming soon, and evenings can be a mixed bag for recharging. I’m learning to leverage a flexible schedule to help get around this, though. It’s not easy!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

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Yes, Life and distractions does seem to have its way with our personal plans.

Yes! Focus is a skill that is under-appreciated. Being able to say “no” to distractions (or at least put it on the back burner) and getting back to the task/project on hand is a vital skill that I’m trying to teach my kids too!

Welcome to the tightrope we’re all teetering on!

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