Hello from India

Hello from India

I am a faculty/educator. I have been interested in productivity since I read David Allen’s Getting things done. I was introduced the guild by Kourosh Dini’s email. One thing I have learned is that being productive is a “state of mind” - if we allocate time and resources, we get things done.

I wholeheartedly agree! If we intentionally make time for a task or project, we will be one step closer to completing it!

Welcome to the Guild! One of my good friends is a faculty/educator at the local university here. I’m always impressed with some of the uses he has for technology in the classroom.

I hope you can share some of your workflows that you’ve been able to use in the academic world. We might just learn something from you!

Welcome @varadhanskm!

Have you read any books since GTD that have been impactful?