Hello from AZ

My name is Sonny Horton and I am in Business Development and Channel Management in the Banking technology industry.

I’ve sought ongoing improvements in personal and team productivity since my early years in technology in the late 70s.

I discovered the guild via a post by productivity writer Khourosh Dini and am looking forward to the third edition of his OmniFocus book, as I am a big OmniFocus user.

Having discovered OmniFocus via David Sparks’ YouTube posts, I’ve become quite fond of organizing my work via Contexts and Projects and being able to defer items to a certain date/time is tremendously valuable in allowing me to focus on what I CAN do vs. my entire backlog.

Looking forward to learning more here.

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Welcome @sonnyhorton!

I’d be fascinated to hear what you’ve seen changed (also stayed the same) since the late 70s in the world of productivity. I’m sure a lot.

Looks like you’ve found the right place :slight_smile: Feel free to ask any questions or share any knowledge you have here!

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Sonny: You are at the right place. Everyone is extremely helpful & learn something new every week. It is so nice to see people giving their valuable time& expertise, to help us.


Exploration and experimentation is a life long process. Enjoy the journey!

Were there any productivity tips that worked in '70s that you feel no longer applies? The world certainly has changed.

This is OmniFocus’ greatest strength. Hide what we don’t want to see and show us what we can work on.