Hello Consistent Action from Johannesburg

Hello Consistent Action from Johannesburg

Tell us who you are and what you do.

Hello, my name is Yianna from Johannesburg, South Africa.
I help Marketing & Procurement Managers deliver quality branded products to meet their deadlines every time.

How did you first get into the productivity world?

I am in the branding industry which is very deadline driven. Productivity has always been a passion.
I dreamed of living a life where I stay calm and get through absolutely everything on my to do list whilst achieving my goals and having a neat beautiful environment. I wondered how it seems some people appear to live a balanced life and get through it all - with ease and fun! On my mission to find answers, I discovered Omnifocus and GTD (about a year ago). My “aha” moment - I believe you can’t do it ALL (depending on your expectations and resources), however you can decide what’s most important and actively plan it and take the highest actions to make the most important things in your life happen. By having structure and systems in place, then your life can flow with productivity and power.

How did you find the Guild?

I was introduced to the guild when I bought Joe Buhlig Omnifocus training videos. Thank you!

What’s one thing you’ve learned that has impacted you most?

Once you truly commit to an important decision and take consistent action over an extended period of time (building empowering habits), no matter how you are feeling (no excuses), then you are guaranteed of results. Persistence, a positive attitude and consistent action will bring you results! I have especially experienced this in my life with my health in the last two years. I am now applying this principle in other areas of my life. Wishing you all a fantastic productive week!

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Hello to you on the other side of the world! Thanks for joining the Guild!

This sounds like a chance to stress test your task manager. Do you have a workflow that you can share? I’m not in a field that has multiple deadlines often. So I’d like to peek into your workflow one day!

Yay! It took me years to figure this one out! Learning to say “no” is still a struggle for me because I always think I’m capable of adding one more straw that might just break the camel’s back.

I hope you can share some of your structures and systems that enables you. When you have the time, you could write about a small part of your system. It’s always awesome when we can share things that work for each of us.

Yes. Determination, keeping one’s head up, and consistent practice will deliver a lot of results. Thanks for this reminder!

Welcome @pineapple!

This is a very common ‘aha’ moment I see people have, myself included! What are you learning now?

This times a thousand. Positivity and optimisim affect us in so many ways!

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