Having the Most Fun in Your Free Time!

How to Have the Most Fun in Your Free Time, According to Science

The summer is here and we’re still trying to stay busy. Here is a slightly different take on scheduling your calendar events. Hyperscheduling seems to be a big fancy buzzword. But, maybe, there’s a different path to scheduling. I like to schedule my time blocks as vague descriptions. My early mornings will be “Admin Work”. My late mornings are “Computer work”. My early afternoons are open for any interruptions that may come around. My late afternoons might be described as “review and planning”. Keeping it vague instead of specifying a particular task might give you more flexibility to handle the onslaught of daily and hourly interruptions.

6 Reasons To Keep A Journal

Journaling is still a mystery to a lot of people. If you invest the time in journaling today, your future you will thank your today you. I can look back at past journal entries from a long time ago and look back in hindsight with more clarity. There are some precious moments that you want to capture. Otherwise it all disappears into the fog of time.

A Primer On OmniFocus 3’s Tags

@timstringer has a great post on using multiple tags in OmniFocus 3. I have lived my life exclusively in a single context world inside OmniFocus 2 for a long time. When multiple tags came in, I’ll admit that I was very hesitant to use multiple tags. I knew I would have to wait for a situation where multiple tags makes sense and I can finally use it.

Tim thoughtfully explains the eight different types of tags that can be used in single tag or multiple tag combinations.

  1. Date & Time
  2. Eisenhower Matrix (Importance and/or urgency)
  3. Errands
  4. Focus
  5. Physical Locations
  6. Someday/Maybe
  7. Tools & Services
  8. Types of Tasks

Currently, I use Errands, Physical Locations, and Tools & Services. I have been tinkering with the other types of tags.

You don’t need necessarily need to use all of them. Use the tags that make sense to you now. You can slowly ease the other types of tags if you need them. If you are hesitant about how to use multiple tags or want to learn more, there’s no better place than to start with Tim’s post.

If you have any other ideas for how to use tags, reply back to either @timstringer or here at the Productivity Guild.

The Truth About Quitting

There comes a time when our investment in something must either pay off or set aside for new goals. Some goals and habits die hard. I’ve been doing them for so long but the returns aren’t there anymore. I’m not enjoying the goal or activity like I used to. It’s time to switch gears and look for other adventures. Letting go is the hardest thing.

A Conversation On What Great Ideas Are Made Of

Scott Berkun (writer) and Ryan Hawk (The Learning Leader Show) talk about creativity as a way to solve problems. Creativity be used to create new opportunities. These opportunities can load to unforeseen goals and dreams.

Break out of your doldrums and unleash the inner creativity that is hiding within us. You might be surprised what you may have been suppressing all this time.


I’ve had seasons on and off with journaling. I’m currently off of it. I should probably come back around but it always feels like it’s a waste of time or I’m not doing it right. But that’s likely because I’ve not decided what I want out of it.

Thanks for referencing my new Tags for OmniFocus 3 page in your post, @wilsonng!

Suggestions are welcome. I’m building a list of additional tags to add to the next update in this directory (likely coming within the next couple of weeks).