Has anyone played with NotePlan app?

I just saw this app and I am curious about it.

Has anyone played with it?

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Looks interesting. I’ve not used it but wonder if it would truly work out. I’m not saying it can’t but apps that try to solve multiple issues at once typically suffer in the long run.

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First impression: It looks like someone tried to GUI-ify emacs org-mode with Markdown support.

It looks interesting and inventive. Kind of like a digital Bullet Journal, but not.

Yes, especially when it’s unclear if it’s a small shop or single dev supporting it.

I may bite the bullet and buy it for us to see what it’s like.

I know about the multiple function issue but I think it’s like Justin said, it’s EMACs org-mode, which is pretty cool.

I’ve been using it off and on for some time back from version 1. Currently on the v3 beta. It’s a really fantastic piece of software. My struggle has been making the transition from traditional task management (OF, Things etc.) to I guess what would be more a BuJo approach as employed by Noteplan. I really like the flexibility of it…I just can’t seem to get good at it. But for some reason I just can’ quit trying lol. Here are some of the things I think it really has going for it:

  • Uses flat text files - all the benefits that come with that.
  • Full markdown (rendered - which I also like) - you could technically just point obsidian at the file repo and see what happens (one currently limitation is Obsidian is .md and note plan is .txt …both seem to allude to coming flexibility in that area.)
  • Native apps across apple ecosystem. This is becoming exceedingly rare
  • Great developer
  • Calendar integration. (I really like having this)
  • Reminders integration - I guess this is good but it does cause me some friction (its kindof like having 2 task management systems - I hate having to think about whether something is a “reminder” or a todo for the text file…
  • Smart filters
  • Wiki Linking (backlinks are said to be coming).

Some Considerations:

  • Only recently got attachment/image support - I don’t find it nearly as robust as something like bear.
  • Again the reminders integration is for me a double edged sword…
  • App is moving to a subscription model.
  • Not entirely sure how it scales once you get into a large volume of notes.

For whatever reason I feel compelled to make it my “hub” because I really like the “stack” if you will. I feel like Calendar/Notes/Tasks complement each other. I’m definitely not great at using multiple tools. So I’m testing a Noteplan/Devonthink/Reminders as a potential toolset.

Anyhow…worth checking out.

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I’ve seen this to be very common – people are struggling with everything being in so many different apps. There is a lot of cognitive load in switching gears, too! OmniFocus does things this way, Notion another way, and Bear even yet another way! At least when you have everything in one place, you know the limitations and can work within them instead of needing to be an expert in multiple tools.

How long have you been working in NotePlan @msalam? I bet you’ll start getting the hang of it soon.

Yup. Thats exactly it. I really wanted Notion to do it all for me - then came to the painful realization it couldn’t be. Task management was too cumbersome and even worse…the second I moved to mobile the experience just nosedived. Using it kept me off balance for too long. At the risk of sounding dramatic I really suffered trying to make it work.

I feel I’ve been in productivity limbo for a really long time and I have to say…its taxing. Omni to Things…to Marvin…to Noteplan…to Notion, then Agenda…then check out Todoist again and see what’s up there…then Obsidian…Roam (too expensive!)…etc. I’ve been in this vicious cycle for a number of months…I just can’t seem to settle. I know I need tasks, projects, calendar, notes, and I guess long term note storage. Thats the fundamental. I love OF but I don’t want to have to manually create a link to a note in every project or task…even if its scripted…etc etc. That kind of thinking has really had me chasing my tail.

Anyhow - all that to say I’m hoping Noteplan 3 is going to be it. Either that or Obsidian…but if its Obsidian then I’m back to task manager and a calendar as well. BAH! Apologies folks…giving you a glimpse into the abyss :wink: I’ll report back on my experience with Noteplan as I progress.

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I love NotePlan for ad hoc day-to-day (sometimes hour-to-hour) planning, journaling, and thinking-by-writing. Still do my heavy-lift planning on weekly and longer timescales in OmniFocus.

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