Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

My goal planning game is on fire! Like a dumpster fire! :fire:

I’m not doing New Year’s resolutions this year. I’m actually looking forward to trying the 12 week year method again.The last attempt was an abysmal failure. I think I’m not going to be so ambitious this year. I’ll try a smaller scale project to get the kinks out. Then I’ll scale up to a bigger 1 year goal.

I’ll also be trying out the Bullet Journal method now that I’ve downloaded Ryder Carroll’s book.


I have one more post that I’m trying to wrap up for later today about OmniFocus and the Bullet Journal. A question was asked about how do we use OmniFocus and Bullet Journal (or analog pen and paper). This was an experiment that I’ve been trying to hone throughout 2018. I hope this post will shed a little more light about using a digital task manager and analog.

For 2019, I’m actually looking forward to trying to plan out goals. I know there’s a thousand articles written about goals and planning. But I never got into it. I was busy working my way up the GTD Horizons of Focus - The Runway, Projects, and Areas of Responsibilities. I look forward to figuring out the next step up which is goals. Of course, goals sounds so simple. Yet, there are still questions and articles being posted about goals. For some folks, goals are easy to announce and yet so hard to achieve.

What goals have you achieved in 2018? Please share in the Guild by posting a little something about it. One person’s ant hill might be another person’s mountain that seems near impossible to overcome.

What personal experiments have you been thinking about? Are you trying to get those goals unstuck and get it moving in 2019?

Looking forward to 2019 and hope all our goals and dreams come to fruition! :fireworks:

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