Greetings from Sweden!

Greetings from Sweden!

My name is Martin and I’m the social media manager at a health and care company based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

I’ve always been into productivity tools both digital and analog, but in the last couple of months I’ve been looking into on how to improve my own workflow and day to day productivity using these tools “correctly”.

I heard about The Guild browsing Youtube.

The fact that there’s such a huge community around productivity tools was a bit mind-boggling and I’m looking forward to picking all you guys’ minds!


Welcome! Everybody likes to share something that clicks for them. It’s not only productivity tools but also mindsets, systems, and workflows that we’re interested in.

I don’t know if there is a “correct” way to do things. We share bits and pieces of our workflows. Hopefully we find something that might work for us and adapt it to our own unique situation. It’s a jigsaw puzzle that we slowly put together. Experimenting with workflows one piece at a time has always been my main goal. I might find a workflow or system that I need to use for the next few months. Then I put it away when I don’t need it. I can always bring it back when a situation rises that demands the return of those tools.

Glad to have you onboard!

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I guess you’re right in that there’s no one correct way. But I am sure that there are ways how not to use the tools and/or apps correctly. :slight_smile:

What I really mean is that I like to see how other people within the community are using their productivity apps. And how they’ve put up their workflow.

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Welcome @martinq!

There are definitely better ways than others to use these tools, but to be honest so much of it is based upon how you work and think. We’re definitely here to help work through that, though!

We’re really glad to have you, and feel free to ask away!