Goals: What are yours for 2019?

Goals: What are yours for 2019?

2019 is here, and I’m sure many of us have new goals we’re chasing after this year.

I figured I’d take some time to share mine with you. I am taking the 12 Week Year approach, which means I’m setting two goals to accomplish between now and March 31st, 2019.

They are:

  1. Start incorporating daily exercise
  2. Improve my public speaking skills

Exercise has been a tough one for me historically, but I’m wanting to make it a permanent fixture in my life.

@JohnAtl, @chalmagean, do you have any goals you’re working on? Do you mind sharing them?

And if anyone would like, feel free to post updates in the #personal-updates category so we can cheer you along!

I have some changed goals coming from changes in my productivity and daily routine setup:

  • bring more focus to my work using 12WY with my team
  • continue to work on being more focussed throughout my day

The past two weeks over the holidays have been my regular “yearly gtd review and startup” weeks. Every new year I take some time to fine-tune my omnifocus/gtd routine, and do my yearly review. What makes this work for me is that apart from smaller tweaks during my quarterly reviews I generally leave my setup alone for the rest of the year. I do this to keep myself from “productively tweaking my productivity” all year long.

This year I’ve made the following changes to add simplicity and focus, mostly due to the omnifocus 3 release earlier in 2018:

  • I’ve deleted all but a handful of perspectives;
  • Changed the few ones I kept to show specific tagged items, not projects

I created only 2 new perspectives:

  • a “today” perspective,showing available items, due today, flagged items or those tagged with “do!”
  • an “available” perspective showing all available items that are not tagged with media tags (read/listen/watch) or “idea” tags

To “switch off from work” every night before I start to cook dinner for my family I use an iOS shortcut to:

  • unflag all items in OF (would be nice to automate that with JSA sometime this year)
  • look at the “available” perspective and choose the items I want/need to do the next day and flag them
  • look at the next day in my calendar to copy them into my hardcopy planner, and to see if there are additional actions I might need to add to OF
  • log my day’s events in day one

I’ve also changed my lists/projects setup in OF to reflect areas of focus, and made a more clear separation between single action lists and projects

Doing this all has made it possible to simplify my productivity setup and at the same time creating more clarity and focus in the actions I do each day.

For now, things seem to work great, I actually spend more time on meaningful work, get things done faster and with more quality, and have more time available for my friends and family. So I’m happy as things are.

Any improvements I see while I work with the system, I just put into OF tagged with “idea” and leave alone until the next quarterly (for smaller tweaks) or yearly review.

A productive and happy 2019 to all!

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Thanks for sharing @Janov911!

Always good to clean up. So does that mean you’re focusing more on tags/contexts vs. projects for your work?

A shutdown routine! I’m a big fan of these… They help turn work off so much.

This is a great idea. I’ve tried keeping system changes to quarterly, but I usually have too many ideas not to make changes. However, I’m still trying to nail down my workflow in a few tools, so that’s probably why.

I think I’m focusing on goals this year. In GTD parlance, David Allen suggested working from the bottom up on the Horizons of Focus.

I’ve realized that I’ve been scattered in my focus. I’ve looked with longing at those higher Horizons of Focus that felt out of reach in my personal journey.

I’ve got the first three lower Horizons handled competently by my task manager.

Horizon 1 - Ground - Next actions and calendar
Horizon 2 - Projects
Horizon 3 - Areas of Focus and Responsibility

This year, I’m ready to move on to Horizon 4 - “Goals”. Goals sounds easy but it ain’t. I had to get the first three Horizons taken care of before getting to Horizon 4. The task manager is a capable tool that can handle the first three Horizons. Goals is something that can be hacked into a task manager but I haven’t felt comfortable with using a task manager for Horizon 4. I look forward to rambling on about goals in the Guild in upcoming posts.

When I read this post, I remind myself that we’re all on a journey towards self realization. Some of us are further along the road. But if we group together and discuss these worthwhile topics, we can help each other by lending a hand to assist each other up the Horizons of Focus. Building a solid foundation has been a personal focus to get higher up the ladder.

Happy New Year!

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Well, not really. I use all three as focus tools, depending on the situation.

  • My project setup is used heavily during the weekly, monthly and quarterly review.
  • I use tags mainly for organizational purposes, to make it possible to slice and dice my task lists.
  • perspectives (not contexts) is where I spend most of my time, I have some static ones that almost never change. And some I use flexibly, changing tags in the perspective based on my needs at the time.

The problem is always “being productive for productivity sake” Any time I get the urge to fiddle with my setup I put it on the review todo list. Even if it were just to prevent unnecessary and waistful tinkering of the system.

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