Goals are Just Good Ideas

Have you ever set goals then came to find they blow up just a few weeks later because something in your life changed? That has been the last month for me. At the end of March, I went through the whole 12 Week Year process of goal setting for April-June. I felt pretty good about it, too. About a month and a half in, new opportunities started to pop up, and thus my priorities changed. Now, here I am at the end of May with goals I’m not 100% pursuing anymore.

If this has been you, too, remember — goals are just good ideas. They’re directions to set yourself, but you can’t always anticipate what life will bring to you in the timeframe you’re chasing that goal. You might need to re-set your course to accommodate for new priorities, and that’s okay.


Items of note:

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    The Bullet Journal has become a cultural phenomenon in the productivity world. Here’s an introduction to the world of BuJo. In this age of electronic gadgets and digital task managers, it’s nice to revisit pen and paper. The BuJo has no predesigned templates and allows you to get creative by letting you create your own perfect day planner. Try it out today!

  2. How to share one iCloud Storage plan with your whole family - 9to5mac
    Here’s a way to share your iCloud storage account with your family. My family loves taking pictures and the free 5 GB account is easy to fill up. You create separate iCloud accounts for everyone and then designate one person as the main account holder. You’ll never worry about running out of room for pictures and documents for a long time.

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    It’s always tough to beat the mid-afternoon slump. Managing your energy level is just as important as managing your time. Here is a list of a few things you can do when your body is in a low energy mode.

  5. Try this 48-hour productivity sprint when you’re behind at work - Fast Company
    Sometimes I fall behind at work. Sometimes five-alarm emergencies happen suddenly and I have to re-arrange my priorities to catch up on all the things I’m ignoring. Here are five tips to focus on when the work starts to pile up.

Quote of the week:


Even after graduating from college, I find that I am still learning something new every day. Once you stop learning, you take all the joy out of the world. You don’t discover new things that enriches your life if you don’t learn. -@wilsonng

Tools worth your time:

The TestFlight beta run is coming to a close and OmniFocus 3 for iOS is out! To qualify for a discount for previous OmniFocus users, you should have OmniFocus 2 installed on your iPad or iPhone. If you have the OmniFocus 2 Pro upgrade, you’ll need to restore purchases via the App Store.

OmniFocus 3 for iOS comes with a 2 week free trial period with an in-app purchase to buy the Standard edition or the Pro edition.

It was fun testing out OmniFocus 3. I used to use OmniFocus mostly on my Mac. But now I have been able to use it a lot more on my iPad and bluetooth keyboard. I rarely use OmniFocus for Mac now because OF3 has almost everything I need to manage my projects and tasks. Give it a try and tell me what you think about it. -@wilsonng

@wilsonng I am trying to figure out how to use the new Omnifocus and not use it on Mac. I did my review on my iPad and it went okay. I will have to get used to it till they update the Mac version. What do you like most about the new Omnifocus?

Hmmm… I think the biggest thing was batch editing. Tap the edit button, select multiple tasks, then use the inspector to change a field value (defer date, due date, project, tags).

Tags is something I’m carefully dipping my toes into. I like simplicity and will choose the main context/tag that makes the most sense. This was the discipline I used for OmniFocus 2. Now I can have multiple tags to see a task in more perspectives. For now, I’ve seen it work best with agendas. my tags for project “Marketing Campaign Summer 2018” would be Agenda and then tags for each person that I need to consult with. When I am at the weekly meeting, I can bring up my agenda items. But if I happen to meet someone in a one-on-one situation, I can also talk to them now and not wait for the meeting to bring up an agenda item.

At most, I’m using two tags for just a small handful of tasks. If I use more than two tags, it would most likely be for meetings or workgroups I’m part of. Keeping my tags to a minimum tames down the natural instincts to over-tag and make my system more complicated.

Now that we have multiple tags, that will also expand the use of the new upgraded perspectives. You can upgrade your perspectives to the version 3.0 perspectives or downgrade it to the version 2 perspectives. I kept most of my perspectives in version 2 format. I’ll upgrade it later to version 3 when the Mac version comes out. The new perspective settings allows me to create AND/OR styled perspectives and expands the creative solutions that can come from the new perspective settings.

For now, I’m seeing that I’ve been using my iPad with a bluetooth keyboard more often when I’m using OmniFocus. I’ll occasionally reach for OmniFocus 2 for Mac when I need to do quick capture at the Mac and archiving old tasks. Otherwise, most of my OmniFocus time tends to be on the iPad. A bluetooth keyboard is a must-buy if anyone wants to use an iPad as a serious device. I couldn’t imagine using the on-screen keyboard on a full-time basis.

I would still buy OF3 for Mac when it comes out eventually. I can’t shun the Mac completely but I can see how some users can go iPhone or iPad only.

David Sparks has a nice writeup here:

@timstringer has a video here

I like that my basic OmniFocus workflow hasn’t really changed. Other users hated the OmniFocus 2 workflow and were disgruntled that OF3 is more a refinement and not a massive overhaul with radical UI changes. It’s easier to build on what you already know and add some evolutionary refinements that gives more power to the user.