G‘day from Germany :-)

Hello all,

I‘m Florian, back in Germany after a good number of years in the UK & Australia. I‘m a project manager in an ambulance service in Germany. Used to be a paramedic on the road for nearly ten years (shift work ruined any hopes of productivity I had), but for the past year, having a structured day and week (and sleep!) has made me so happy. Mind you, wouldn’t change much, really enjoyed my time on the road, you get to experience some weird things…but that’s off topic here :wink:

My boss is excellent, and although I have an office, seem to work from home half the week. Inline not having to get up early, love having the freedom to work when and where I want (within boundaries), but it took a while to figure out how to keep myself motivated and focussed (enjoyable work and organisation in OmniFocus, mainly).

I found the forum whilst searching for daily routines and OmniFocus routines, got some great inspiration here. Wilsonng‘s differentiation between doing and planning perspectives really was a gold find, excellent stuff.


Welcome again! @wilsonng has some great insights and ideas when it comes to how you use specific tools in your workflow. He always comes up with something awesome!

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Welcome Florian. I humbly appreciate your words and I’m glad you were able to take some of my ramblings and make it your own.

It must be an adventure to be a paramedic with many experiences to tell all your friends over a beer!

Yes, this has been my main challenge. I don’t have anyone to truly be held accountable to. Well, probably my wife will keep my butt in check! :smirk:

If you have any questions about your challenges or you’d like to share some of your experiences in remote work, I’d love to hear from you and everyone else. It’s different from clocking in and clocking out and I’m still trying to adjust to a new reality.

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