Full Focus Planner - Mixing digital and analog


This is a podcast where guest Michael Hyatt talks about mixing analog and digital productivity.

I’ve been getting very comfortable with my own hybrid setup using OmniFocus (digital) and a notebook or HipsterPDA (analog).

The Full Focus Planner sounds similar to what I’ve been trying to do.

Choose 3 big tasks and a handful of optional tasks. Write those tasks down on the notebook page and get to work.

A recent discussion can be found here:
Can paper replace OmniFocus?

@justindirose is also experimenting with paper in this post:
A Productivity Journal

I used to try to go all digital because it was the trendy thing to do. But I have found myself slowly easing back into a hybrid system mixing paper and digital devices.

What do you all think?

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I tried to find the article and failed. I can’t even remember the source. Oh, well. But it was showing how a growing number of folks who work in technology are moving back to paper as a task management and planning tool. That’s partly why I started the paper/OmniFocus discussion. I keep seeing places where paper would prove to be superior to a digital system.

This is partly why I’m experimenting with a process for managing my projects like I do time and tasks. Put them where they belong on a calendar and give them statuses. But that’s all on the whiteboard at the moment. :+1: More on that in that Pro discussion.

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