Flagging/Tagging Recurring Items

Flagging/Tagging Recurring Items

I am a fan of the system of flagging/tagging things I want to do today. An annoyance I have run into is with recurring (non due) tasks.

When I flag/tag these to get them done in a particular week the recurring ones stay flagged/tagged and when they come up again they are already flagged/tagged.

How do other people work around this.

For me, flags were meant to signify this needs to get done ASAP, so not a lot of tasks were flagged. Therefore, during my weekly review, I check all remaining flagged items and anything that is flagged that is recurring that won’t be as important the next time it becomes available I unflag it. I always review flagged items at the end of my review because during my review I flags tasks that I need to get done this week. Reviewing flagged items at the end allows me to realistically look at these tasks now knowing what my week ahead looks like and know I can either complete these on top of everything else or remove a few flags.

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I use a workflow very similar to @joshsullivan. The key to keeping a system that’s usable is a regular review. When I go over my lists in the morning, if something doesn’t need to be flagged, I unflag it. And vice versa.

Or if the task regenerates and I can’t do it today, I’ll defer it a few days later.

Thanks guys! Super helpful. I am always thinking that things need to be more elegant than they usually do.

I regularly struggle with this as well. Honestly, the only thing that helps me is talking it through! Thanks for sharing what you have questions on!