Fear is the main reason work struggles

I got this in my inbox this morning from Seth Godin’s blog. I am sure a number of people on the guild subscribe but damn is this post good.

We all struggle with fear from time to time in getting our work done. It’s a hard nut to crack at times. But if we dance with it and learn how it moves, we can master that. After that, well, the party begins and we can get down to business.

I know there has been times when I played with my system instead of getting to work. It was easier. It was safer. It was what I knew. But now, I look for the thing I am afraid of and walk up to it. Ask it to dance.

What do you ask to dance?


Ah, the Gods of Procrastination shines upon me so greatly. I’ve seen that the greatest path to improvement is to get outside our comfort zone and do something that we have no real talent in (yet). Constantly challenging ourselves when we’re too comfortable and stuck in a rut.

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The weekly review. It forces me to address my projects and make decisions about them that I don’t want to make. It’s a small form of fear but it still shows its head and stops a positive thing I should be doing.

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