Favorite Productivity Podcasts

Per @wilsonng’s excellent suggestion here, I am creating a topic on favorite productivity related podcasts.

Productivity science is applicable to so many areas of life. As such, I find that there are many podcasts that I listen to that, while not a productivity podcast per se, they still cover a lot of productivity related topics.

Here is a list of my favorite podcasts that I listen to for finding productivity ideas:

Mac Power Users
The Productivity Show (Asian Efficiency)
App Stories
Tools They Use
GTD Podcast
Lead To Win
Manager Tools

What are some other productivity related podcasts that others listen to around here?



I love that podcast. Seriously one of the best management resources out there – ever.

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Agreed! It is one of the best career resources I have ever come across.

I probably should have indicated they have a sister podcast, Career Tools, available as well. Again, absolutely invaluable information about how to stand out in the crowd in the business world and proven methods that work for management and getting ahead in your career.

And the best part - the majority of the information that they put out is free via their podcasts!


I have most of @philalethes’s podcasts so I won’t repeat them here.

As with any podcast list, review what you have. If there is a podcast that you no longer are attracted to. feel free to unsubscribe. You can always re-subscribe later.

I also review some of the episodes. I might skip an episode if this week’s topic doesn’t interest me.


This podcasts has the host talk\ing with some productivity folks about their own personal systems or ideas they’ve been practicing. Get beyond the tools and into the workflow.

The hosts of this podcast are certified GTD consultants and talks about some issues they’ve encountered during their consultations. It’s an excellent partner to the official GTD podcast. David Allen will pop in every once in a blue moon for a visit.

[Every other Tuesday]
There’s a lot more to journaling than just scribbling “Dear Diary.” You’ll hear some interviews about how people are using Day One. You’ll find lots of ideas that you can take to help you with your workflow.

I personally love Day One and use it daily. It’s an essential part of my daily workflow.

You’ll also get updates from the developers about new features that stay focused to Day One’s vision of providing a simple app that grows with you.

This is usually a 10-15 minute podcast. But if there’s a guest, it can go to 45 minutes. Short little tips focused on a reader question about productivity. I’ve always found great nuggets and tips here.

@bobbleheadjoe and @Sparky dives in head-first with their adventures as free agents. If you’re a free agent yourself or wanted to get a peek into the world of free agency, this is a great podcast to subscribe to.

This podcast has its roots in the Productivity Guild as @joebuhlig and @drewcoffman have a casual conversation about technology and productivity in our lives. It feels like I just walked into the living room, plopped myself into a nearby chair and join in the conversation.

@drewcoffman and Jon Mitchell’s friendship goes back to 2012. They’ve had interesting conversations that are finally preserved in podcast form. Technology seeps into every part of our lives. Listen to another living room conversation that peeks into issues that touches on technology, Apple, and our lives.

Go behind the scenes of Omni Group as they interview a few of the people behind some great products. You’ll get news updates for OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and OmniPlan.

I always knew Bruce Lee as a martial artist who appeared in a few Kung Fu movies (most notably “Enter The Dragon”). I didn’t know he was a philosophy major and was interested in goals, focus, and core values. Step outside the typical app and technology podcast and give this a try. My favorite Bruce Lee quote…

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.


James Dempsey and Jean McDonald get together as they try to complete the dreaded Weekly Review. I’ve struggled with developing my own GTD workflow and found it refreshing to know that I’m not alone. Issues brought up include inbox zero, trusted systems, RSS feeds, and OmniFocus bankruptcy.


Mike Vardy interviews productivity experts about higher-level topics such as work-cations, theming your work, designing your mindset, and more.


Thanks for the list!

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If anyone has their own list, please share! I’m curious to see if there is something outside of my typical radar.

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I like Tim Ferriss’ podcast - not all of them are related to productivity as such but I found some of them useful.

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peeks in overcast


Oh! I forgot about GTDVSG. They hadn’t published in a long time and I dropped them. It’s changed since Tara left.

Thanks for sharing some of your favorite podcasts, @gtd_ladyee!

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Thanks Chris, you legend - kind of you to feature Tools They Use! More to come in 2019!

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I saw most of the podcasts that I listen to (plus a few that I’m going to try). These are the ones that I feel you’ll enjoy (alphabetical order):

Daniel Pink is a great writer, and the 1-3-20 podcast has an interesting format. Could have a more set posting schedule.

Back to Work, with Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin can be a little all over the place, but it’s always interesting conversation.

Without Fail, with Alex Blumberg is interesting as he brings people to talk about their successes and, particularly, their failures. He is one of the best interviewers in the business. I highly recommend the episode where he interviews Ira Glass, from This American Life (the GOAT podcaster/radio personality for my money).

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