Curious to know what everyone’s take is on FacileThings (those who use or have used it). I first heard about them last year, but it seems from my reading that they’ve been around quite awhile. I’ve only just started trying it out, and it looks like it really ties itself to the GTD methodology, which to me is good.

Things that throw me off, though:

  1. Desktop is web-based only; there’s no client app. I guess you could use a wrapper, but I’m not in love with that solution.

  2. Since desktop is web-based, there’s no option for quick capture, like in OmniFocus (also no quick capture on mobile, like OmniFocus has). If I made the switch, I’d miss that. Granted, a lot of apps don’t have this, but it’s helped me greatly in getting stuff into my system as opposed to going to my browser, finding the FacileThings tab, possibly having to navigate to “Capture” specifically, and forgetting what I was thinking about as a begin to type.

  3. I noticed that you have to move tasks out of the Inbox before you can mark them as Done. I’m on the fence about this, because I can see it being kind of a pain to process and complete quick stuff, but on the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing that forces you to process items properly and not use your Inbox to actually work tasks, which I tend to do a lot.

Anyone tried it and have good/bad experiences to share? @DavidGentile I see that you’ve used it – I’d be interested in hearing about your experience.



Hey @norm!

Happy to share my experience. As I talked about in my previous post, I’m trying to be more deliberate in the tools I use.

I’ve settled on FacileThings (so far) because it’s a little more verbose than other solutions.

When you ‘Capture’ items into your inbox you are then forced to review each one and really think about what it is, where it goes, and when you can do it.

The system makes you do GTD in its design. You don’t just see lists of ALL your tasks - instead it only shows you things that are “Next Actions”, making it easy for your brain to focus on what needs to get done next.

It also separates out the Calendar from Next Actions - keeping that space ‘sacred’ (as D. Allen says) and making sure you really understand what HAS to be done on that day vs what you’d LIKE to get done on that day.

I’ll also just mention the Weekly Review feature as it is really my favorite part. I actually do it Daily so I feel on top of things. It is a structured workflow through each part of the review

Each part shows you the relevant part (e.g. a list of next actions, or a list of waiting fors) so there’s no friction in trying to remember or find those items.

At the end you KNOW you’ve got everything covered and that peace of mind is fantastic.

To answer your concerns:

  1. I use a Chrome ‘Shortcut’ to display the web app as a separate desktop window (Settings -> More Tools -> Create shortcut -> Check ‘open as window’)

  2. There is no dedicated ‘quick-capture’ but you can email items into it. I set up a Keyboard Maestro shortcut for Gmail that captures the link to the email, then forwards the email with the link back to the email to FacileThings. I can then click the link to open the email directly.

You can also set up integration with Evernote so that anything you capture into a notebook (say INBOX) automatically is sent to your FacileThings notebook as a new item. Then you can use Evernote’s quick capture/web clipper tools to get around the friction of opening FT.

  1. Instead of ‘Capture’, you can go directly to ‘Clarify’ when creating a task and that will allow you to mark it as done immediately. But like you said, it’s probably a better workflow to be more deliberate about what you’re working on then just using an Inbox list.

Happy to answer any other questions! Again - still going through the paces with the app, but the reasons above are probably why I’ll stick with it. The only place I could see using a different task manager is for my bigger development projects. FT is optimised for smaller type projects and lacks some of the integrations I would want for something like that. But for everything else I’ll stick with FT.