Facebook and Data Gathering

I know this isn’t much of a productivity post, but considering many of us use Facebook and consider it a “distraction”, this may be a reason to step out.

If Facebook has this kind of information on us, that is downright scary.

Well, it’s every other social media site. When data gathering sites rebranded themselves as social media sites, it was easier to accept.

Every comment, like, heart, or faved link is being gathered up to create our profile.

Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot remembers everything I buy. It’s a scary world now.

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It’s true. I personally think that’s why most major retailers aren’t adopting Apple Pay. They want the credit card data to build a customer profile, and Apple Pay obfuscates that a little bit with random numbers.

But it’s sad. I hate that even when I pay for something I’m being tracked and psychoanalyzed.

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