Excited To Find The Guild

Excited To Find The Guild

Tell us who you are and what you do.

54/SWF/Work FT in “the Outside” (INFJ personality).

How did you first get into the productivity world?

I’ve been in it forever. I am constantly, in the back of my mind, on the hunt for the most organized and efficient ways to work.

How did you find the Guild?

A forum I have been on for years changed to Discourse and I love it. I went on a search on the internet for other forums that use Discourse and the magic of the internet led me here. YAY! :wink:

What’s one thing you’ve learned that has impacted you most?

I recently was listening to some motivational video (don’t remember which one) and heard that you should stop being so concerned with lists and focus on results. Still wrapping my head around that but it is looking like something that has some bite.


Welcome @JAC103552! We’re excited you found us, too!

I think we all have this thing in our brains that wants to handle things the best way possible. It’s such a journey to get there, but welcome aboard!

We’re big fans here, too! (Full disclosure – I work for the company that makes Discourse, but I :heart: it regardless)

That makes a lot of sense – lists tend to be a lot of tactical pieces where results/outcomes rests more strategically. If you pick the outcomes you want to pursue and actually follow through, you’re being intentional and effective.

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Welcome to the Guild!

And hopefully you’ll have formed a system that works for you! When you synthesize something and make it your own. Then you can share it with the rest of us here. I’d love to see how you made it yours!

How true this is. It’s not about how many tasks I get checked off my list. It’s about checking off the tasks that will move the needle.

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Yes hopefully Discourse will begin taking over the forum world :smiley: To me it is so easy to use, quick learning curve. And fun.
I guess thinking more about results had never occurred to me as much - it was always just crossing off tasks on the list that supposedly would get you there. With this mindset, I can see more getting there events.
Thank you for the welcome. I have been having a great time reading everyone’s system and had no clue of all the options.

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@wilsonng I immediately started reading all over the forum when I realized what it was about. I just received a new iphone 8 and want to start using my phone more. I have been using different things through the years but am in the beginning of a process to build a sustainable (and easy to me) system to document my life and to get my thoughts out and on paper/digitally to be able to move forward … to get to doing instead of just thinking. Running into this forum has been great. Everyone is so in depth with descriptions and what they think about different options. I do hope to post about the journey.
tysm for the welcome :slight_smile:

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