Email Client Alternatives w/Exchange Contacts Support?

Hey Gang!

Does anyone know if there is a macOS email client out there that automatically pulls Exchange contacts like Outlook and Apple Mail do (besides Outlook and Apple Mail, haha)?

I’ve been using Apple Mail, but it is SO SLOW (initial load, every time I make it the active window, everything). Never been a huge Outlook fan, though I’d manage with that IF it allowed for the “All Inboxes” view to be the default view (it doesn’t on Mac).

Not sure if there’s anything else out there that automatically pulls the Exchange contacts so that they auto-complete when you type in someone’s name…any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe out there.


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Gosh, I’ve given up an email clients. I’ve just gotten used to the idea of doing email from my web browser nowadays. I haven’t found anything faster than the web version of my email apps.

Is there a way to download and externalize old e-mails?

I haven’t really used this but DEVONthink does have a feature to import and archive email from Exchange.

Maybe my expectations are different. If I have email that is two years or older, I tend to archive it. It’s not often I refer to email that are older than two years ago. Most of my current work requires referring to old emails that goes back to two years and later. Anything older is just history that’s nice to refer to but doesn’t often affect current projects. If you find your level of relevance for your emails, try experimenting with archiving emails that are older than 3 years ago.

Maybe this will help reduce the load that Apple Mail or Outlook is experiencing? I don’t know how much email you still have but archiving old emails might do the trick.

This is the only idea I can think without resorting to buying a faster, newer computer…

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