Effective Remote Work is On Hiatus

We’ve been running hard here at Effective Remote Work for the last three years. What a journey it’s been from hanging around this community, launching a podcast, all the way to building a growing YouTube channel.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been feeling the need to slow things down for a bit. So, we’re putting all content production at Effective Remote Work on a temporary hiatus. Many things have changed in my life over the last year, so this hiatus is partially for my own sanity, and partly to re-balance, revisit, and make improvements to the resources we’re offering.

What this means now

  • We won’t be posting any new podcasts or videos during the hiatus
  • The community will still be open to discuss things if you like

I’m not quite sure where this will all lead. It may end up with a simple refinement of our existing podcast and YouTube channel, or it may become an entire rebrand and rethink of what we’re producing. It’s really up in the air still.

Most importantly, I want to say thanks to all of you for discussing, listening, and watching over the last few years. It’s been fun to go on this journey with you, and I’m anticipating where it takes us next.

Feel free to post any feedback you have here! I’m listening.


@justindirose, My journey certainly runs along similar lines. Life in 2019 and the first couple months of 2020 was humming along on a certain course. I don’t know if it was the right course but it was full steam ahead. The first couple weeks of lockdown in my area was shocking. I didn’t know what to do. Didn’t know if the income would come in now that all but essential workers stayed home.

It was the first step in a new life. While my friends who worked in essential fields stayed busy, I was “stuck.” I couldn’t go anywhere. What I thought I wanted was no longer important. What I thought I needed was no longer needed. I couldn’t open up the office and entertain customers. I had lost a lot of my own drive that kept life going. I also lost some of my drive to write here on the Discourse. My inbox still overflows with half-written posts and blog article ideas waiting to be completed. I’ve started and ended productivity experiments searching for elusive answers.

As life started to return to semi-normal, the new world has meant that a lot of responsibilities have shifted or been dropped. Targets, dreams, and goals have shifted. It was dizzying at first but I think I’m slowly getting my sense of True North back.

I can understand that the podcast, YouTube channel, and blog posts can be taxing. Put that on top of family responsibilities, the day job, and personal well-being can be asking a lot. I was impressed with that fount of energy that you had inside to keep it going.

The need to re-balance and figure things out is a real thing. Blogging, podcasting, and streaming has no seasons. It’s a year round thing. I’ve seen more podcasts starting and ending on a season now. It gives the creators time to recharge and start up again. I hope you’ll check back in a few months to see where you are and set a direction.

Since the pandemic, my Ulysses blog writing ideas folder has been accumulating. I just didn’t have the desire to polish them. I think it might be time for me to share that folder to everyone. I enjoyed sharing my experiments with the members of the ERW community. I do miss that. I think I’ll start grabbing a random idea from my Ulysses writing folder and give it a bit of a polish to send here.

Life is an interesting journey . We don’t know where we’re going but we can enjoy the ride. Every once in a while, we’ll steer in a certain direction and find our True North. True North will always change. My True North definitely changed in the middle of the pandemic but I’m enjoying the journey.

We’ll see you when you get back!


Thanks for all this @wilsonng :smiley:

I don’t plan on completely checking out and giving up on putting useful resources out there. I do know it’ll look different going forward, though just not quite what that looks like yet.

I’m considering broadening my focus topic-wise as, to be honest, I’ve been a bit underwhelmed with productivity in general. There are some great things you can do with simple discipline and self-awareness – and you don’t need some complex system to keep track of it all. The simpler I go, the less stressed I am. Which also means the less interesting (at least I think) my content is for those interested in the productivity space. So much of the focus is using tech tools and developing high class automation/workflows to eek out an extra 1% of efficiency. There’s some value in that, but 80/20 is good enough for me in this realm. Yes, I don’t seek for 100% in most things I do. It’s just not sustainable.

Anyway, I’m considering ideas of more broadly focusing on work culture (remote work, leadership, even some work from home office/gear stuff because I’m enjoying that right now), possibly doing more courses, and replacing a podcast/YT with a livestream Q&A show. But first things first, get to a place of clarity and rest where I don’t feel so burnt out on content creation.


Hey Justin, been following the forums and channel in silence but just wanted to post all best wishes to you. These are trying times for us all and it’s crucial in knowledge work to feel the space to grow and create in the direction that makes sense and that feeds your soul. I’m going through similar thinking so just wanted to say, you’re not alone in that, and I wish you clarity and peace. :+1:

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Thanks much @KillerWhale! Always appreciate your views over on the MPU Talk forums :slight_smile:

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Some updates over on my blog as to what I’m thinking through in this time.


I’m really looking forward to reading / listening to your next thoughts on this whole approach. Take care!


This has mirrored some of my intentions and feelings about the subject of productivity. I’ve had a Ulysses sheet sitting in my inbox for a while now. i’ll have to polish it up and post it soon!

But, yes, stepping back, re-evaluating, and gaining new guidance has always been a key part of life no matter what profession we are in.


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