Drafts 5 is out!

Drafts 5 is out for iOS. Has anyone played with it yet?

Here’s the Macstories review.

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Absolutely! I’ve already migrated and imported and all the things. I’ve not experimented with changing up my processes yet, but I’ll have some time later this evening for that. :wink:

In reading the review, it looks like the scripting interface possibilities are bonkers. Lots of possibility there, and makes me want to jump to Things or OF3. :joy:


The scripting is insanely powerful. The prompts are really going to help me out with programming my actions I must say.


I would imagine prompts are going to be a ridiculously powerful feature. I can already see some of my Workflows morphing into Drafts only.


Some of my Workflows have evolved already, others are going to as soon as I have the time. I dislike date formatting in JavaScript, but there’s not much that can be done about that sadly! Though there is an extra time library available I believe.

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I gotta admit. I think I’ve been under-utilising Drafts 4 for a long time. But I guess that’s the beauty of it. A great app is simple enough to use but becomes awesome when you can ramp up to use some of the higher end features.

I’ve been using mostly as an inbox app to capture random thoughts. But I’ll have to work on automation next.

I’m quite jealous of @rosemary and her insane automation workflows!


I’m happy to try and help people out with automation nerdiness!

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Can you share some examples of what you’re doing?

Damn it, you all cost me money!


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The first step to feeling better about an impulse buy is to blame someone else. Good work @shouit


Yep. That’s why I bought a ukulele in Hawaii and immediately said it was @joebuhlig’s fault!


One thing I am struggling with is there appears to be a change in the Apple Watch complication. It used to be when I launched Drafts on the watch it immediately went to dictate mode. Now, I have to hit the button again to start that. I wonder how I get that functionality back.

In the Watch app, under Drafts you should be able to enable Auto-capture from complication, which will go back to your preferred functionality :slight_smile:

Crikey that’s a hard one to answer! A little of everything really. So today when I was leaving work I used my watch to dictate some notes for an upcoming blog post, and then when walking home a while later I created another note and merged them together later on.
I’m creating Taskpaper templates which get parsed and put into OmniFocus - ideal for projects that have the same outline (such as travel). I created a whole action group around that actually: OF Taskpaper (there’s a link to a blog post of mine in there which explains it all a bit more).

A lot of my blog things are scripted in some way or another, so I have a few action groups for that. I also replaced a lot of TextExpander snippets (especially the ones with fill in fields) with Drafts actions - those are naturally a bit tricky to share :slight_smile:

I also have some templates for Day One in Drafts, so I’ll frequently make a new note, then run a Day One action (or two) on it, which prompts me for more context, and then saves everything off to Day One.


Thanks. I couldn’t find it. Didn’t realize there were options under the Watch App. That’s cool

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It’s really nice to see everyone digging Drafts and not complaining about the subscription model. Drafts 5 is so worth it.


I use Drafts for composing lots of lists primarily so a lot of my workflows surround that.

  1. I have some Markdown keyboards to help with creating Markdown lists (which are lovely and toggle-able now). Instead of making new projects in my task manager I can make lists in Drafts and toggle Focus Mode and go to town checking stuff off. :smile:

  2. Another use is getting items into my task manager. I have a actions setup to quickly parse tasks with what I input into different lists & areas.

  3. I also have actions for getting content into Evernote, emails, and search queries. I’m also toying with setting up quick jump lists (for different apps) using the Prompt action.

I hope to eventually do a longer post with sample actions & groups. But honestly Tim & Rosemary have done a phenomenal job already showing what’s possible.


Maybe we’ve hit a turning point. Everyone expected the change? If it had been an up-front purchase, it would have seemed odd to me.

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@joebuhlig @Sparky I think There’s a few reasons for that:

  • Greg at Agile Tortise primed the pump really well by announcing well in advance of the release that it would be freemium/subscription based. Not to mention Drafts 4 is sticking around for now too.
  • I think users who will pay for Drafts are the ones who see serious value in it already.
  • Like Joe said, maybe it’s less of a shock now.