Does anyone else use TickTick?

Does anyone else use TickTick?

Hi everyone. New member here. And I’m also using a newish (to me) task manager having recently switched from Things to TickTick. Does anyone else use this? I have the premium version which includes custom smart lists.

Why I switched from Things to TickTick:

  • Cross-platform access so I can use it on my work PC as well as on my iPhone

  • Priority settings

  • Multiple options for sorting/viewing your lists - including by list, tag, date or priority

  • Custom smart lists (eg high-priority tasks with tag A, B or C)

  • You can complete repeating tasks early

  • It’s much less fiddly to skip a repetition

  • Tasks can repeat on weekdays only

  • You can copy repeating tasks which you can’t do in Things

  • You can customise the date picker

  • You can upload attachments and then view them in the app

I also feel happy and satisfied with my lists. In Things I was never quite happy with my set-up. I kept trying to redo it but being unable to work out how. Part of the problem was that areas felt too heavyweight to use very much, and having too many of them felt stressful.

In TickTick I’m very happy using lists for both areas of focus and also more finite projects which I’ll close when I’m done. The lists I’ve got wouldn’t work as a set of areas in Things. I’m really happy with my set-up - it just works and I don’t feel the need to keep tinkering.

Would love to discuss this app more if anyone else uses it.


Oh, how I wished OmniFocus had this feature! I couldn’t find any video for this. Could you screenshot a few pictures about how TickTick does this?

Does TickTick have projects or do we just tag a project label to a group of tasks?

Voila! Basically you swipe to get the date picker and then the option to skip a repetition should be in there. If it’s not you can long-press to customise and add it in.

It has folders and lists - they look like the ones in Wunderlist more than anything, but the colour options are very similar to Todoist.


About a month ago Steve Zeoli compared TickTick with Todoist on his blog:


Nice link! I think he’s so right that you can’t really assess a task manager until you put your data into it. I tried Todoist for a day. Put all my tasks in. Then tried to actually use it and discovered that it was not right for me at al!

I’ll be honest – I initially wrote off TickTick as a Todoist clone. However, it seems like TickTick has started to find its own niche in the digital tool space. I’m happy to hear that!

If I go back to a digital system (or ever switch to Linux for development work), I may consider using something like TickTick at that point.

Thanks @Teacake and @Hugh1 for sharing more!


So did I! And I didn’t get on with Todoist so I thought this would be the same.

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I’m still using Todoist for three reasons and would like to know if they still stand up.

  1. Todoist natural language input I found to be much better. I could quickly add all of the information in one sentence for anything going in any area and for any repeating schedule I wanted.
  2. Todoist can get tasks from my Echo so when I’m around the house and have something pop in my head I can easily add without my phone.
  3. Todoist has solid Siri integration. I use this not so much to add tasks but to display them in my shortcuts that I have started to build. My morning routine includes displaying my tasks for the day so I can get a snapshot of my day.

Can I do these with TickTick which like Things I found to be better looking than Todoist.


The natural language is definitely not a patch on Todoist’s - it does have some but not as much capability and it doesn’t always work at all. I’m used to Things’ gesture-based interface so it doesn’t bother me but it is definitely not as good as Todoist.

I don’t use an Echo or Siri so can’t help on those points, sorry!


Thanks. Yeah in terms of looks Things>TickTick>Todoist, but in terms of my needs Todoist is the best. The problem is I always feel I need to give Things another shot and then I remember why it’s not for me right now.


Things does have a lovely UI and that wonderful ‘someday’ setting. I really wanted it to be my perfect choice. Damn you, Things!


I do like Tick Tick, but the lack of start dates is a deal killer and the reason I’m still with Things.


I do miss start dates, it’s true. But premium lets you set a duration. Or I add subtask with the deadline in.

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Unrelated to TickTick, but this seems to be coming to OF3.


Get on the TestFlight and try out the beta. But do so at your own risk.

The new beta will ask you to upgrade your OmniFocus 3 database to add the dropped status feature. This will break compatibility with anyone who still needs to use OmniFocus 2.

It’s a great feature to have. I can change the task status of a repeating task to dropped and it will ask me if I want to “drop it completely” or “skip this occurrence.” I can finally record a repeating task as “dropped” for this week and it will repeat itself next week. I no longer have to put a “dropped” tag on it when I choose to skip this week’s occurrence.

It’s the first of many promised updates to come. :cupid:


Such a beautiful update to know about !!!

TickTick now has Kanban boards… :smiley:

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They don’t work on the mobile version though or copy over when you copy a list - until they fix those things it’s not that useful to me sadly.

Yeah that’s the downside of how they’re doing development – one platform at a time. Who knows how long it will be before mobile gets this feature.

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