Discovering Multiple Tabs in OmniFocus

Here’s a common complaint about OmniFocus:

I wished there was a back button for OmniFocus.

Oftentimes, I move from one perspective to another perspective. But I might want to return to the previous perspective. One way to keep place place in a previous perspective is to use multiple tabs in MacOS. You can select File > New Tab or Command-Option-T

Creating a new tab will show the same perspective view I am in. Then I can go to another perspective if needed.

One situation that I encounter often is revealing a task in a project. I might be in a perspective that shows all of my @Mac tasks. I can select the task in the outline pane. Then hit Command-Option-R or View > Show in Projects.

Hitting this hotkey will take me to the Projects perspective and I can see the task in whatever project it belongs to. Sometimes I’ll forget what perspective what I want to return to. Using a simple Keyboard Maestro will automate this process. I no longer need a “Back” button like a web browser. I used KM to re-assign Command-Option-R to a macro that will show the task’s project in a new tab. When I am done, I hit Command-W to close the tab and I return back to my original perspective.

I do wish for a “Back” button in OmniFocus but I alleviated that by creating a quick and simple KM macro.

Hope you enjoyed little tip! Share your favorite tips. What sounds so simple could be a mind-blowing lifesaver for the rest of us!


Neat idea, @wilsonng! I’ll give it a try.

Totally agree - I wish for a back button as well.


Great macro, thanks!

I thought I might extend it slightly. The menu item for “Show in Projects” switches to “Show in Tags” when you’re already in a projects-based perspective, and I thought it might be useful for the same macro to work in either case:

  • If you’re in a projects-based perspective, it opens a new tab and shows you the action in the Tags perspective.

  • If you’re in a tags-based perspective, it opens a new tab and shows you the action in the Projects perspective.

Note the ignoring of failures from the first “Show in Projects” action in Keyboard Maestro, in case you’re already in a projects-based perspective and that menu item doesn’t exist.

YMMV. Thanks again @wilsonng for the cool idea!


That’s a great idea! Thanks!

I haven’t needed to show a task in the Tags perspective but it’s nice to know that I can do that. I’ve mostly wanted to see where the task is in context to the original project.

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Or, taking advantage of KBM regex feature (caret at beginning of text), Menu Item: ^Show in *

in the original macro will pick up whichever variation of Show in Projects or Show in Tabs is active at the moment

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