Different Work Apps into 1 System

So for my day job, we use JIRA for task/project management (with a few extra tasks trickling in from Dropbox Paper).

For my side hustle, we’ve been using Todoist for collaborative task management.

I thought I could consolidate everything into Todoist, but it really doesn’t jive with my system/brain. I miss Things 3!

Does anyone have tips or tricks on funneling multiple systems down into a personal preference?


At my current day job, we use ConnectWise as a ticketing system. I tried a long time ago to try to funnel all that into OmniFocus, and it didn’t do so well. That being said, if there was a related task that I need to remember to do, then I’d create a task in OF and defer it to later.

While it’s nice to funnel everything one place, it’s ok to keep things in their prime places.

I used to do this exact thing! I had JIRA send an email for every new task assigned to me but set the email address to me OmniFocus email. It meant that everything landed in my OmniFocus setup. I simply knew (based on the formatting of the task in OF) that when I worked on those JIRA tasks, I had to update the online system.

But to be honest, given the same setup today I wouldn’t do this. Currently, I have a bunch of team projects and tasks in a Discourse instance for ProCourse. I could technically get these into OmniFocus but it’s kind of nice to keep them separate and just plan on working two different systems from two different times/mindsets.

So my question here is why? What do you feel you gain by consolidating? Is there a device constraint causing you to look for this or is it just because you want to? “Want to” gets in my way a lot.

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