DEVONThink 3 public beta is here

DEVONThink 3 public beta is here

It looks like it still retains the version 2 database format but it comes with a new user interface.

Public beta is available for us to try out. And the user forums are open for users to interact it with each other.

Looking forward to see what it looks like…


Been on the alpha for a while now. It’s a better app in almost every conceivable way. They really have done a great job with the update.


I’m always wary of alphas. So I don’t mind getting into the beta stage. I would crap my pants if i lost anything.

Perhaps you can share some of your experiences? I’m on my iPad and left the MacBook at the office. So I’ll have to download it when I return,

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I don’t use it primarily anymore (because of the friction on iOS), but when I was using it the key differences that I really enjoyed:

1. Design Overhaul.

Looks like even more has been updated since I last looked. Looks more at home in the latest macOS.

2. Quick navigation. (CMD+CTRL+G)

They had added a way to quickly jump to notebooks and folders a la many modern apps.

3. New Clipper, in the Menubar

This no longer overlays on the side of your desktop. It’s now in the menubar. Also the design has been refreshed.

I’m having trouble remembering if this was in v2 or not:

4. Smart Rules

You can setup Smart Rules that allow you to process any incoming documents based on their available syntax and then perform actions on any found documents. For instance, their Clipper typically marks things as “Unread” when clipping, so I had a Smart Rule that would find those and automatically mark them as read, since I had been using it as an information archive and not a read it later service.

Anyway, there’s a few things. :slight_smile:


I’m really glad to see DEVONthink is getting a much needed UI upgrade out of the early 2000’s. I couldn’t stand looking at v2…

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I’ve become a big fan of Smart Rules. For those with experience of Hazel, Smart Rules are very similar. Previously I felt that there was a gap in my DT workflow. I’m a save-it, stash-it, read-it-later user, so I had to spend a lot of time transferring my DT-curated files from the DT global inbox to the right groups in the right databases, and sometimes I fell behind… But I’ve now set up some Smart Rules that search for particular three-letter tags that I apply to files in the Finder which are on their way to DT, and then ensure that the files are filed accordingly. So much faster and easier than before.


I was indifferent to its look. It was what the standard MacOS interface looked like back in the day. Heck, I remember the beginning days of MacOS X when it had the Aqua interface and all the buttons looked like shiny jelly beans. It felt like I could just lick my screen.


Then we went to a brushed metal look. Next came the flat, subdued interface. Now it’s all about Dark Mode.

A walk through MacOS X history…

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Interesting. I might take a look at DEVONThink again.

While I love the app as a concept, I didn’t really use DT2 that much, because my work computer is not a Mac. Thus I can only access my DT database at work from the iPad, which is a bit cumbersome. I am a PhD student so I do lots of work at home at weekends etc.

I’m using Evernote Premium for these purposes, but I’ll keep an eye on future development of DT.

Back in the days I was playing around with the Web interface and trying to remote access it from my workplace. I’d play around with it again, but the Web interface seems to be its own edition now with heavy price tag attached (DT3 Server $499.) A bit discouraging for my use-case but I guess it is more targeted at enterprise use?

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Maybe unrelated , and even though I do use DT 2 a lot , I agree with evernote , dump and retrieve whenever approach.

Last week I was completely turning off my evernote archive and was “shocked” to see notes from 2011 , handwritten notes from 2013 inside it. It keeps it promise of being the elephant.

Devenothink is a different beast altogether.