Define Your Win Condition

As an adult, the work is never done. There will always be something else we can do.

Dogmatically postponing play until you’ve completed everything on your task list doesn’t work. You resent work because it’s keeping you from having fun and you can’t have fun because you feel guilty that you’re not working.

Instead, you need to define a win condition for the day.

This really hit home for me. I am always trying to get work done, but I often forget what a “win” is for the day. I think part of my day planning process being to define a win condition will massively help this.

What do you think?

I recently introduced the Highlight concept to my to-do list by John Zeratsky & Jake Knapp from their book Make Time. It’s a very simple concept, but it has really improved the way I think about work & study.

My conditions for a daily “win”:


  • Complete highlight


  • Read for at least 25mins
  • Meditate for at least 10
  • Exercise for at least 30
  • Read The Bible/pray for at least 10


  • Spend at least 1hr with family or friend without phone/computer/book, not actively thinking about work/school/hobbies
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