Cross Post: How I’m Using Good Task


For anyone curious about GoodTask, I posted how I’m using it over at the GoodTask discourse forum.

Enjoy! :blush:


That’s a nice workflow!

I’m guessing that you’re currently settled on GoodTask for now? You’re an adventurous soul to be visiting the different task management tools.

Were there any friction points or missing features that you wished GoodTask had?

I think I see some smart lists that I can hopefully recreate in OmniFocus 3 that I could use for myself. Thanks!


That’s really impressive. I love how developers are taking built-in APIs of existing services and making them way better (Timery is doing the same thing with Toggl and Grocery for grocery lists on Reminders).

Thanks for sharing this @kennonb!


Yea I think so. I’m fickle though. :joy: The main thing that brought me to try the app was the recent 4.4 updates. Without those additions the app just had too much friction for me on macOS.

Side note, I almost went back to 2Do with the new dark theme but there is still enough friction with the apps interoperability (missing features between apps). Also I’ve gotten used to working heavily with my calendar on a regular basis which is why I like Things (shows calendar entries in Today), OmniFocus (with its new Forecast), and GoodTask (which can have a “Forecast” view in any list, called Day).

Sure. :blush:

The main friction point is getting your Quick Actions setup. The app has some opinions about how to work but past that it gives you freedom so it was a bit daunting trying to glue each bit together and figure out how I’d want to work.

There are some things that it’d be nice to have as with any app, but the primary things that I think would be helpful:

  • Rich text support in Notes
  • Quick Action to clear all tags on a task. Currently there’s no way to remove all tags. You can toggle individually but you can’t clear all of them to start fresh.
  • Sorting by Tags. You can sort by Date, List, Priority, Name, & Manual but it could be helpful to sort by a tag for more granular “perspectives”.
  • The Month View shows a single month like a calendar. My workflow would benefit from just seeing a rolling 4/5-week view.
  • No nested filtering in smart lists. For instance it’d be nice to be able to group bits of criteria. Show tasks that are in the Inbox with no date AND show all tasks due today in other lists. Or maybe everything due today with one tag AND things due tomorrow with another tag.

Overall the app is well designed but there is a lot to grok when you first open it. It does remind me a lot of Omnifocus with how configurable it can be and it can get a bit fiddly if you want it to.


I feel like every task management app is this way as soon as you add in the complexities of building out any kind of projects or tags. Todoist maybe comes closest to the least friction to get going if you’re used to list making (and Things wins if you need a helping hand with its strongly-rooted baked-in process).

I’m glad there are more quality options opening up, though.

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Update: Just added a bunch more videos / shortcut examples. Some of the templates are duplicates from other task management systems (if you’ve seen my other posts), but a lot of the videos are new.


Am I right in thinking, having looked at the GoodTask website, that the app doesn’t have “start dates” in any form? Presumably this is a reflection of the fact that it’s based on Reminders?

Not much especially wrong with this, except that there’s a possibly-small class of task-management app users - including me - whose daily activities often really do require such a feature. Nothing like getting to work to discover you’ve got a three-day task on your list that must be completed today or tomorrow!

Reviews of task management apps don’t often make much of deficiencies or absences of this sort. I wish that they would. And of course their absence can be a “good thing”: start or defer dates do complicate entering tasks, especially on iOS. But they can be critical for some users. I remember, years ago, hurriedly buying Todoist only to discover that in comparison with certain of its rivals, whilst it was excellent in almost every other respect, it was defective then in this fundamental one (although there were of course workarounds). Similarly, if I remember correctly, Things until the arrival of Things 3.

There actually is the ability to use Start Dates but because they aren’t as natively supported in Reminders it does cause some issues. One major issue is that if you have a recurring task that should start on Tuesday and due on Friday. If you complete it, the due date will update but the start date will not move forward. So it’ll still show as available. Because of that I just simply am not using them.

If you need top rated start date support then it’s probably not the best fit.


Thanks for the advice, kennonb. (That illustrates one reason why this site is useful!)

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It’s a great thing to have a solid underlying system. That’s what helps transitioning from one tool to another. The system stays relatively the same and gets adjusted based on the tool available. Moving from one app to another app becomes easier because the foundation is in place.

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I’m finding this more and more as I progress. I have regular reviews that happen outside of my task manager and I just need to track specific tasks and milestones in my task manager. Making sure things aren’t slipping through the cracks. Almost any tool can work for me at this point. So it’s fun to experiment. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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For anyone who needed start dates in GoodTask the latest 4.8 update added this for repeating tasks. You can now specify a start date on a recurring task and it will properly update on the next occurrence.

This used to retain the start date as “today” when repeating so this is a much welcomed change. :blush:


Wow… it’s great to see GoodTask evolve. It’s looking like it has a good future ahead of it. I’m interested in seeing a new workflow with GoodTasks and the new Apple Reminders. Anybody played with Apple Reminders (Catalina) and GoodTasks together?

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