Coping with cross system work: Mac & Windows

Hello all,

I have a windows laptop at work, but have opted to use my own Mac last year as I’m used to it - the small things like alt-tab vs cmd-tab, as well as window management etc. Recently been re-considering though, reading a number of posts here of people using both OS‘s parallel…and if work will give me a laptop, and I have to pay for a MacBook, I could save some money in the long run. I mainly work in office apps, tasks etc can be handled by iCloud browser or my iPad next to me.

Any thoughts and advice appreciated how you make the switch between the two seamless.

Exactly as you suggest above is how I do tbh. Windows laptop for work using office which can link directly to iOS or Mac (if that’s something you want to use via OneDrive- but I don’t myself ). Work iPhone and iPad with OmniFocus on them. I use OF’s Mail inbox to send tasks via email occasionally.

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